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TV chef Tom Kerridge slammed over 'stingy' £35 fish and chips portion size

TV chef Tom Kerridge slammed over 'stingy' £35 fish and chips portion size

Instagram foodies aren't happy about the portion sizes or the price.

People are fuming about the portion sizes and the price of the fish and chips served by Tom Kerridge.

The TV chef shared an Instagram post of his Market Day Fish dish, which you can devour if you're willing to part ways with £35 of your hard earned cash.

The posh version of the classic British dish is available at the Harrods store in London.

"This Market Day Fish is made with my light and crisp, gluten-free batter, served with triple-cooked chips," Kerridge explained in his social media post.

Tom Kerridge's fish and chips.

The Market Day Fish costs £35, which includes chips, curry sauce, tartar sauce and peas pudding, according to the menu.

However, the innocent upload has been met with the ire of bunch of angry social media critics, who have called out the price of the dish.

"Or just go to the chip shop and pay a fiver," one Instagram user replied in the comments.

Social media users aren't happy about Tom Kerridge's fish and chips.

Another outraged critic wrote: "Ridiculous price to charge. especially with cost of living crisis. shame on them!!!"

Similarly, one Instagram user commented: "The whole of the UK is in a shambles financially... But £35 for a scrawny bit of fish and 7/8 chips is fine... Oh and the thimbles of sauce."

One disappointed person said: "£35 for market day fish. £8.50 for chips, thats over a quid a chip! No wonder he can afford to go to Monaco for the grand prix!"

While another foodie mentioned the size of the meal, saying: "Looks incredible but gonna need a lot more chips."

Calling it a 'taster sample', someone else said that they were sure it'd 'be delicious' but they would want a 'portion of chips'.

And another viewer said: "Not justification for being stingy with chips. Even the most expensive potatoes aren't expensive."

Tom Kerridge.
horst friedrichs / Alamy Stock Photo

The price for a portion of fish and chips has also concerned countless Brits amid the cost of living crisis.

In November last year, one Londoner took to Reddit to complain. “I heard the price of fish and chips was going up but…Leicester Square £15.50."

The Reddit user accompanied the post with a picture of a chalkboard advert for fish and chips priced at £15.50.

The general consensus was that the higher prices are simply a sign of the times.

“Large cod and chips in Shadwell is now £12+ so this isn't so bad if it is cod," someone replied.

Another wrote: "I paid £11 for a large f&c from a local chippy recently so £15.50 for table service in central London really isn’t bad."

LADbible has reached out for comment.

Featured Image Credit: horst friedrichs / Alamy Stock Photo /Instagram / cheftomkerridge

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