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Top 10 Most Stolen Car Models In Britain Revealed

Top 10 Most Stolen Car Models In Britain Revealed

Car theft is currently on the rise in the UK - but which models are most commonly stolen?

The top ten most stolen car models in the UK have been revealed.

Data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency obtained by leasing comparison site LeaseLoco shows that just last year 48,500 vehicles were recorded by police as stolen, up from about 46,800 the year before.

Clive Wain, head of police liaison for the app Tracker, said a rise in thefts in 2021 is likely Covid related.

He explained: "Due to the pandemic, global demand for car parts created a boom in ‘chop-shops’ – buildings which house stolen vehicles for stripping down so their expensive parts can be sold on."

But not all cars a created equal and some are far more at risk of theft than others. So, which are the cars most commonly stolen in the UK?

10) Mercedes-Benz E-Class 


Coming in 10th is the Mercedes-Benz E Class, with 818 being reported stolen in 2021. In the recent years the amount of luxury cars being stolen has increased - with some suspecting criminal gangs to be behind this, so it's no surprise that this isn't the only high end car on this list.

9) Vauxhall Astra

1,096 Vauxhall Astra's were reported stolen last year.

8) Vauxhall Corsa

The second Vauxhall car on this list, the Corsa just edges above with 1,218 reported stolen.

7) Land Rover Discovery


1,260 Land Rover Discovery's were reported stolen in 2021. Luckily for the owners however, Range Rover and Land Rover models dominated Tracker’s vehicle recovery activity in 2021, meaning that a number of these stolen vehicles were likely returned to their original owners.

6) BMW 3 Series

Another high-end car is the BMW 3 Series, of which 1,464 were reported stolen.

5) Mercedes-Benz C-Class

1,474 Mercedes-Benz C-Classes were reported stolen last year. Wain says: "Prestige models have always been the go-to for criminals who exploit the demand for these desirable cars in territories like Europe, the Middle East and Africa."

4) VW Golf

1,755 VW Golfs were reported stolen.

3) Ford Focus


Ford Focus thefts were reported at 1,912 models. Being one of the more affordable and popular cars, this may not be particularity surprising.

2) Land Rover Range Rover

Second on the list with a whopping 3,754 thefts is the Land Rover Range Rover. Although as with the Discovery, a number of these were ultimately recovered and returned.

1) Ford Fiesta

Yes, Ford Fiesta's are the most stolen car in the UK, with a huge 3,909 thefts.

John Wilmot, chief executive of LeaseLoco, said: “The Ford Fiesta may have lost its crown as the best-selling new car in the UK but it still retains the unenviable title as being the most stolen car in Britain."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy