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Woman, 27, Who Has Already Earned Enough To Retire Shares Three Golden Rules

Woman, 27, Who Has Already Earned Enough To Retire Shares Three Golden Rules

The money expert is sharing her top tips

A 27-year-old who has already made enough cash to retire has shared her three golden personal finance rules - and you’ll be pleased to know that none of them are ‘have rich parents’. You can see her tips here:

Tori Dunlap (@herfirst100k on TikTok) runs personal finance website Her First $100k, and shared a video last year revealing she's already saved enough cash to pack up work, but added she has no plans on retiring any time soon. 

Dunlap, now 27, explained: "I'm financially independent, which means I never have to work a day in my life if I don't want to.

"Here are the three ways that I made that happen and how you can do it too: I started investing as soon as I could. I opened up a Roth IRA and I maxed it out every single year. 

“Now, in my work as a money expert, I always tell people the best day to invest is today, because you didn’t wait to start until tomorrow - you have time on your side. So get started investing if you haven’t or increase your contributions if you’ve already started.”


Dunlap then shared her second top tip, revealing that when she worked a 9-5 job she made sure to negotiate her salary or ‘job hopped’ if her wages stayed at the same level for too long. 

Third, she recommended setting up a ‘side-hustle’ and then investing the profits.

She said: “This lovely, now global seven-figure business that I own, used to be a side-hustle. I side-hustled in addition to my nine-to-five, which meant that I was able to put away all of the extra earnings that I made.”

Dunlap’s tips were praised by her followers with one person replying: “Goals. One day I’ll be there but thanks for the info to help me cross the finish line.”


Another commented: “You should lead a masterclass.”

A third wrote: “I’ve subscribed to your podcast and am currently saving to open an IRA. I really admire your confidence. Thanks for dropping these golden nuggets.” 

However, not everyone was on-board with some questioning where the money to invest came from the first place.

One person asked: “How do I invest with no money?”

Another person replied: “How can one invest if one is in thousands of dollars of debt?”

While a third joked: “Cries in low teacher salary.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@herfirst100k

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