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Holidaymakers come up with ridiculous overnight system to make sure they get a sunbed

Holidaymakers come up with ridiculous overnight system to make sure they get a sunbed

Hotel guests in Majorca have came up with a 'crazy' way of preparing for their own 'subbed wars'

Holidaymakers have now come up with a ridiculous overnight system to make sure they get the sunbed they want.

At this time of year, there’s always wild videos going round of (usually) Brits at hotels abroad dashing around to bagsy themselves a sun lounger by the pool.

And in plenty of the popular holiday spots, hotels have now put in place some form of rule to try and stop the towel dashes.

Such as in the resort area of Camp de Mar in Majorca, Spain, where hotels are keeping their pool areas closed to deter the early birds.

But unsurprisingly, guests have managed to find some way around these rules to essentially create themselves a pre-race race.

So some holidaymakers are inventing their own systems – like creating queues by the doors in advance so they’re ready to dash.

A holidaymaker says it's 'crazy behaviour' as others place their towels in an ordered queue for the sun beds.

Pictures show towels and beach bags being lined up in a very organised fashion just outside of the pool area so hotel guests can bagsy their sun bed as soon as it opens up.

Just trying to enjoy his holiday, holidaymaker Geoff told The Mirror: “In an effort to control the sunbed madness, the door from the hotel to the pool area was kept locked until 8am.

“So people were lining their towels up on the floor in a queue order by the door before it opened. I must add this wasn't youngsters, but mostly elderly and middle-aged people.”

He couldn’t believe what other guests were up to when he was holidaying at a four star hotel in Camp de Mar.

"The towel line actually went back much further (than the picture shows) and the owners were seated on the sofas just out of sight, ready to fly outside when the door was unlocked," the baffled bloke said.

"I don't know what time they started, but we were up at 6.30am one morning to grab breakfast before an excursion, and there was already an established towel queue forming at the door. Crazy behaviour!"

Battling for a sun bed is unfortunatley comes as no shock to many Brits on their summer holidays.

Your holidays might not have yet begun this year but the wild stories of sunbed bagsying certainly have.

One bloke was dubbed the 'king of the subbed hoggers' after he stole the show in a video of holidaymakers at 'war' to get their spot.

Like an absolute gladiator, he was caught in a TikTok by a fellow hotel guest taking a shortcut and speeding past his other competitors to drop towels on a row of prime-position sun beds.

We just wonder what the scenes are like at Geoff's hotel when those pool area doors open up and the queuers are released.

Featured Image Credit: Mirrorpix

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