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Donald Trump slammed as clip of his 'tallest tower' reaction to 9/11 attacks resurfaces

Donald Trump slammed as clip of his 'tallest tower' reaction to 9/11 attacks resurfaces

He wasted time to claim that one of his New York properties was now the ‘tallest’ building in Manhattan... only hours after the attack.

If you needed yet another reminder of the level of narcissism that can come out of Donald Trump’s mouth, then here it is.

As Americans mourned on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks a clip resurfaced depicting former President Trump’s first reactions to that fateful day.

And surprise, surprise, there were no condolences. Instead, Trump gifted us with a humble brag.

The clip originates from a WWOR-TV News broadcast from later that day on September 11, 2001, where Trump called into the station to discuss the tragic destruction.

The businessman took the opportunity to lay claim to one of his New York properties now being the ‘tallest’ building in Manhattan. 

Yes, really.

He says during the clip: "It was an amazing phone call."

"40 Wall Street actually was the second tallest building in downtown Manhattan and it was, actually before the World Trade Centre, the tallest," he said.

"And when they built the World Trade Centre it became known as the second tallest and now it's the tallest."

Ah yes, must have been such an amazing phone call to learn that the deaths of many meant he now had another reason to fuel his ego.

Bragging about having the ‘tallest’ building certainly seems like he’s compensating for something. 

This was the first reaction to one of the most tragic events in United States history, from a man who was later in his life elected to lead that country. 

Andrew Cline / Alamy

The clip resurfaced on Sunday (September 11), seemingly as a reminder that Mr Trump has never not been an ego-fuelled maniac. 

And yet again people were left appalled online. 

Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger tweeted: "I forgot about this. What a narcissist."

Author, Steven Beschloss said: "In case you needed any other evidence of just how little he values human life - other than his own."

Whilst English novelist Michael Marshall Smith, tweeted: "Trump is a deeply damaged human being. A narcissist bordering on sociopath, a person incapable of seeing the reality of other people. Always has been, always will be. The damage he could do during a second term as president is incalculable."

Meanwhile, others pointed out that per usual Trump’s statement was also incorrect. 

Washington Post columnist George Conway said: "The claim was, of course, as false as it was crass."

According to the Washington Post, the Woolworth Building was the tallest building in Manhattan following the tragedy.

Of course, the carelessness of his comments should be the focus of his statement, but it’s not surprising that he managed to sneak in a lie while bragging at an inappropriate time.

Featured Image Credit: Charlie Knight / Alamy. 360b / Alamy.

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