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You Can Buy A 77-Inch '8K' OLED TV For Just £24,000

You Can Buy A 77-Inch '8K' OLED TV For Just £24,000

Well, you can, if you're ridiculously wealthy

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Hey, if you've been watching telly a lot during this lengthy period of time - let's try not to call it what it actually is - how about trading up and getting a new 77-inch telly with an '8K' OLED display?

Well, we'd all love that, wouldn't we?

The only problem is, if you want to get your hands on this particular model, you'll have to stump up a remarkable £24,000 for the privilege.

As Sony has just announced the new PS5, and the Premier League returns to our screens, why not fork out the equivalent of a large house deposit to turn your living room into a miniature cinema?

Hey, it's as close as you're going to get to a cinema for the foreseeable, right?


So, this gigantic - and enormously pricey - telly is the product of South Korean electronics giant LG, and it looks as if it's pretty damn good.

It's called the LG OLED ZX Series, in case you're looking.

For that amount of outlay, you'd hope that it could make you a cup of tea at half time, too.

In their product description, they say: "Delivering four times more detail than 4K TV and 16 times more than HDTV, the model is perfect for film fanatics and gamers alike by delivery the ultimate home cinema and viewing experience.

"In addition to content source detection, the new processor finely adjusts the tone mapping curve in accordance with ambient conditions to offer optimised screen brightness, leveraging its ability to understand how the human eye perceives images in different lighting."

While that doesn't answer the question of whether it can actually make you a brew or not - come on, of course it can't - it does represent an impressive step forward in the field of ridiculously expensive televisions.

But - I hear you ask - 'what is the difference between 8K and just plain old bog standard 4K?'

Well, the 'K' in all of this refers to 1,000 pixels, and therefore something with more of that leads to more pixels, and therefore a higher resolution.


This means that if you're the sort of person who genuinely cares about this sort of thing - we all know one, don't we? - then you'll really notice the difference on this.

However, if you're the sort of person who isn't actually bothered about seeing absolutely every single hair on Paul Pogba's head then you probably won't want to fork over £24,000 for this telly.

To be fair, you'd have to be a professional footballer or a well-paid footballer-turned-pundit to afford this TV in the first instance.

Featured Image Credit: LG

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