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MrBeast brutally responds to Elon Musk's request for him to upload videos to X

MrBeast brutally responds to Elon Musk's request for him to upload videos to X

Fans found the interaction hilarious

If a billionaire asks you to shift your content on to their platform, how can you refuse?

Well, apparently it’s quiet easy if you’re famous enough.

In a strange social media conversation, Elon Musk requested a YouTuber to start posting their content to X, formerly Twitter.

But they were hilariously turned down and fans had a field day with it.

It wasn’t too long ago that MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, one of the most famous YouTubers in recent years, had a hilarious discussion with Musk online regarding the state of the platform.

In May 2022, Musk posted: “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya.”

The social media star was quick to shoot his shot and replied: “If that happens can I have Twitter.”

To which Musk responded: “Ok.”

But this isn’t the conversation that created a huge buzz online.

Elon Musk's request quickly got shot down.
Antonio Masiello/Getty Images

Instead, it was an innocent post to promote MrBeast’s new video on YouTube.

The video creator recently joked that his followers should go and watch it or ‘I’ll drop kick you’.

However, nobody could have expected Musk to pipe up in the replies.

When @dogedesigner commented: "Upload on this platform too," Musk’s small ‘yeah’ is what would be his public downfall.

MrBeast savagely replied: “My videos cost millions to make and even if they got a billion views on X it wouldn’t fund a fraction of it.

“I’m down though to test stuff once monetization is really cranking!”

This seemed to imply that X wouldn’t generate enough money to be worth posting on the platform, which is why fans found it hilarious.

MrBeast is known for his various YouTube challenges.
YouTube / MrBeast

Of course, his online presence is worth so much that it wasn’t a shock when MrBeast was the first person on the Threads to reach a million followers.

After joining Mark Zuckerberg’s rival app, he wrote: "I feel like I’m cheating on Twitter by using this app."

The exchange between Musk and MrBeast resulted in users mocking the Tesla CEO in a gloves-off way.

However, Musk still hasn’t responded since the exchange on Saturday (30 December).

One user candidly summed it up: “He told Elon 'You cant afford me lil bro'."

Another wrote: “Mr. Beast’s quashing of Elon’s hopes for growing video on this platform.”

A third user said: “Told Elon to stfu and make his platform better, holy based.”

As the YouTuber is renowned for making dreams come true in the form of homes, cruises, money, hearing aids and so forth. Maybe he can make Musk’s dream come true too and work on posting to the social media platform once he gets the numbers right.

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Antonio Mosiello/Getty

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