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Woman sparks mass debate after being confronted by gym-goer for wearing 'painted pants' to workout

Woman sparks mass debate after being confronted by gym-goer for wearing 'painted pants' to workout

The online streamer has caused quite the stir on Twitter

An American influencer has this week been left red-faced after receiving a cringe-worthy telling off for a failed social experiment.

Streamer and online star Natalie Reynolds has hit the headlines on countless occasions in recent months for her arguably controversial behaviour on social media.

And on 27 December, the 26-year-old carried out an eyebrow-raising 'social experiment', during which she attended a gym session wearing body paint, and body paint alone...

Posted the livestream online on Wednesday, Natalie was seen standing totally still whilst an artist friend painted a detailed pair of ripped blue jeans onto her bare legs.

The streaming star was also painted in a purple and grey sports bra, seemingly on top of a set of nude underwear and a pair of nipple covers.

"So, I started getting this painted on me at 11:30am and I got done at 4:15pm," she told her online followers of her startling new look.

Natalie has defended herself from the backlash.

"So, I'm sitting up for, like, five to six hours. It's painted on pants - so this is all paint. This is swimsuit bottoms."

Natalie then made the decision to attend her nearest gym wearing only the body paint, which she paired with a black zip hoodie.

Within minutes of entering the exercise establishment, however, she was politely confronted by a fellow gym-goer.

"If you don't have clothes on, you need to be out of here, ma'am," the man in question could be heard telling her on the now-viral Twitter video.

"I do have clothes on," Natalie then responds.

"Not fine, I work in the industry enough to know," the gym-goer then tells her. "I work in the entertainment field."

The streamer faced backlash when she attempted to shame a man that called her out for wearing body paint to the gym.

The exerciser then be seen walking off before reminding her she's not supposed to 'videotape' in the gym.

It looks as though Natalie had initially hoped her questionable social experiment would endow some sympathy onto her from her 30 million followers.

Captioning the video, "Guy in the gym presses me for wearing painted pants", however, the reaction from viewers was the stark contrast to an outpouring of support.

"That dude was 100 percent right," one Twitter user wrote. "He called out your degenerate behaviour and you played the victim."

"Painted pants aren't real pants," another added.

Natalie Reynolds has become known for her controversial online behavior.

A third went on: "I'm sick of these influencers walking around with security guards thinking they can just do whatever they want."

To make matters arguably more embarrassing for the online star, the streamer was even called out by Twitter's community notes.

This allows users to add context to content shared on the social media platform.

"The man in the video is protecting the overall gym etiquette according to which you should wear clothes suitable for exercise," the note read.

"Wearing unsuitable clothes or none at all is considered to be disrespectful towards the other. It is also a hygiene risk to others."

Seemingly to embarrass the star even more, the note was accompanied by a link to a Healthline article on proper gym etiquette.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: X/@onlynatreynolds

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