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All Travel Corridors To The UK Will Close On Monday

All Travel Corridors To The UK Will Close On Monday

The changes will come in to place on Monday 18 January from 4am

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Boris Johnson has announced that all travel corridors to the UK will 'temporarily' close on Monday 18 January at 4am.

This means anyone travelling to the country from anywhere must have proof of a negative Covid test taken in the 72 hours before leaving.


They also must have filled in their passenger locator form, the airline will ask for proof of this before take off.

In addition to this, people travelling to the UK will have to quarantine for 10 days - or they can take another test on day five and wait for another negative result.

Speaking at today's briefing, the Prime Minister said: "Yesterday we announced that we're banning flights from South America and Portugal and to protect us from the risk of as yet unidentified new strains we will also temporarily close all travel corridors from 0400 hours on Monday."

He went on: "This means that if you come to this country, you must have proof of a negative Covid test that you have taken in the 72 hours before leaving and you must have filled in your passenger locator form and your airline will ask for proof of both before you take off.

"You may also be checked when you land and face substantial fines for refusing to comply.

"And, upon arrival, you must then quarantine for ten days - not leaving your home for any reason at all, or take another test on day 5 and wait for proof of another negative result. And we will be stepping up our enforcement - both at the border and in-country."


Johnson went on to say that over 3.2 million people across the UK have now received the vaccine - with 2.8 million in England, 225,000 in Scotland, 126,000 in Wales and 115,000 in Northern Ireland.

He went on: "Yesterday alone, we vaccinated around a quarter of a million people in England, and that is still far more than any other country in Europe."

Despite this, the PM did remind everyone that Tuesday saw 4,134 new admissions to hospital on a single day which is the highest at any point in this pandemic.

This takes the number of Covid patients in hospitals across the UK to 37,000 which has had a knock on impact on other things such as cancer treatments, ambulance queues and intensive care units spilling over.

Johnson added: "This is not the time for the slightest relaxation of our national resolve and our individual efforts. So please stay at home, please protect the NHS and save lives."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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