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The Happiest Place To Live In Britain Has Been Revealed

The Happiest Place To Live In Britain Has Been Revealed

But is the local kebab shop any good though?

Abigail Murray

Abigail Murray

When it comes to where you live, how would you measure happiness? Good transport, close to the pub, in easy reach of a decent kebab shop?

Well, according to Rightmove, indicators such as green spaces, whether people feel like they can be themselves, and amenities such as schools, sports facilities and restaurants can all be measures of how much we like where we are.

Rightmove's Happy Home Index study asked 21,000 people how they feel about where they live - in order to generate this year's list of the happiest places to live in Britain.

Coming in at the top spot is the town of Hexham in Northumberland.

Hexham in Northumberland has been named as the happiest place to live in Britain.

Hexham previously won back in 2019 and has overtaken last year's winner - St Ives in Cornwall.

As per The Sun, Mayor of Hexham, Derek Kennedy, said: "Hexham is thrilled to be awarded the happiest place to live in Great Britain.

"We are a small town with great history, Hexham Abbey and other historical buildings, and our marketplace is 800 years old.

"There is a wonderful community spirit, people are very supportive of one another."

With house prices averaging £297,088, it's no wonder that Hexham has come up trumps, as the average house price in Britain is currently estimated to be around £342,401. Perhaps money doesn't always buy happiness?

In stark contrast, Richmond Upon Thames was voted second happiest with house prices averaging around £1.2 million... well, if you can afford a house there, no wonder you feel happy!

And Harrogate in North Yorkshire rounds off the top three.

Richmond Upon Thames
Richmond Upon Thames

Interestingly, the Happy Home Index survey found that coastal villages had the happiest inhabitants. Market towns are also seemingly popular, making up a third of this year's top 20 list.

If you are planning a move to Wales anytime soon, you may wish to consider Llandridod Wells, which placed fifth on the list overall.

Meanwhile, Stirling has been named the happiest place to live in Scotland, which finished in sixth place.

Coronavirus has undoubtedly forced many people to reconsider their ways of living and it seems this anxiety and doubt has resulted in a mass migration around Britain.

The study reported that 69 percent of people who had moved within the last year relocated to a new area.

What's more, 81 percent of those who made the big transition from town to village agreed they were now happier.

So, there you have it. If the pandemic has left you wishing you were anywhere else, make sure to consider a new life in the countryside - you may be all the happier for it.

Featured Image Credit: PA