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​Stormzy Honoured A Fan Request To Perform At His Dad's Funeral

​Stormzy Honoured A Fan Request To Perform At His Dad's Funeral

The rapper was asked to perform ‘Blinded by your Grace’ at the funeral, and amazingly appears to have showed up and done just that

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Everyone loves Stormzy, right? Grime's nicest guy has recently been to visit sick kids in hospital at Christmas time, and gave everyone a laugh earlier this year by getting trapped in the toilets at the EMA awards.

Well, now he's shown his generous side once again - this time by honoring a fan's request to perform at the funeral of his father.

The fan in question, known on Twitter as @GodsSonNB7, got in touch with Stormzy via the social media platform.

"Bro my Dad passed away on the day of my graduation last week Friday. Our favourite song of yours was blinded by your grace. Would love it if you could preform this at his funeral next Thursday 21 December. Don't worry if you can't, I just thought I'd try my luck," read the tweet.

The fan presumably wasn't expecting to hear back, but as we've seen in the past, Stormzy is pretty active on Twitter, and quite often gets back in touch with his fans when they tweet him.

Sure enough, he replied, asking that @GodsSonNB7 follow him so he could DM him.

That was the last thing we heard about it, until earlier today a picture emerged of the artist stood on stage during what looks like a church service.

One funeral goer, Deji (@Akdotlk) tweeted: "Massive respect for @Stormzy1 for honouring this...God Bless You."

So it would appear that he actually honoured his promise and performed at the funeral to honour the fan's dad.

This isn't the first time he has done something like this either. This March he recorded a special message to be played at the funeral of a huge fan that had died in Coventry, which said:

"Stormz here, I was actually meant to come down today. We was going to do a tribute for Breon, I was going to do 'Shut Up'.

"We would've all done it together - it would've been sick, but my head is not screwed on right now so for unfortunate reasons I couldn't get down there.

"But yo, I just want to pay my tributes, pay my personal respects, pay my homage because I knew he was a big supporter."


Credit: PA

The grime star continued: "I knew he was someone who enjoyed my music, loved my music, so I'm proper, proper upset that I couldn't be there to celebrate his life, celebrate everything he's done.

"But I just want to say to you guys: keep your head up, keep your chin up, make sure you don't harbour bad feelings about it as much as it's the worst thing that could happen.

"Let it be a celebration, let it be a beautiful thing, celebrate his life, celebrate all the good things, all the amazing memories you had with Breon.

"And we're paying him tribute man all day, bruv. I wish you could see this, my guy. Rest in peace."

What a nice LAD.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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