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Driver Charged £100 Despite Parking 'Inside The Lines' At Car Park

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Driver Charged £100 Despite Parking 'Inside The Lines' At Car Park

A motorist in the UK has warned other drivers not to 'make the same mistake' they did after being slapped with a £100 fine for a parking error at a 'deserted' car park.

A Reddit user shared a photo of their car parked in a bay outside a shopping centre, with the vehicle sitting well within the lines.

A snap from another angle also showed that there were no other cars nearby in what had been an 'unbelievably quiet' car park at the time.

The user, whose screen name is u/F1SHCAKE, wrote: "Don't make the same mistake I did."

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

They said they were hit with a £100 fine for 'overhanging the curb', adding: "I get if there's a wheelchair user who can't get past... But is a bit of a feels bad when it was so unbelievably quiet."

The Reddit post racked up more than 7,000 upvotes and also sparked debate with hundreds of comments.

Many people sympathised with the driver, with one writing: "I can see why but I'd be f***ing raging."

Someone else said: "I mean, you did block half the pavement but £100 is a bit steep."

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Others, however, argued that the original poster should 'learn to park', saying that the 'p**s poor parking' could pose a problem for 'wheelchair users, people with prams, dog walkers [and] cyclists'.

One said: "I mean he is parked like a fool how would a wheel chair or a double pushchair get past?"

Someone else agreed: "I usually try not to be a crank on social media but as someone who's mammy has been in a wheelchair/mobility scooter most of my life, f*** you! Hope they quadruple the fine if you try and fight it."

Going into a little more detail, another explained: "This would seriously scupper my Dad on his mobility scooter. If he tried to come off the curb he'd fall out of the scooter, maybe tip it over depending on the angle and if he tried to reverse he'd also come off the curb as he can't turn his head much and the mirrors can't angle down sufficiently. So he'd have to wait there until someone came along.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

"Previously he has p***ed himself waiting for someone to move their car from blocking the pavement where he couldn't go around. That little bit of carelessness is a whole heap of trouble for someone less able."

Offering up some advice on what to do next, another Reddit user said: "Don't ignore this charge, but do appeal it. Private land owners (assuming this is the case) can only charge, not fine, you for lost income or damage. Whilst you may be in breach of contract (assuming the sign says not to park over the kerb), you cannot be fined for doing this. Their charge has to reflect lost income and £100 is clearly spurious in this regard. An appeal on these grounds is likely to result in cancellation or a greatly reduced charge."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

Topics: UK News, News, Cars

Jess Hardiman
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