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Groom Told He Had 'Weeks To Live' Finds Out He Doesn't Have Cancer And Shares News At Wedding

Groom Told He Had 'Weeks To Live' Finds Out He Doesn't Have Cancer And Shares News At Wedding

A groom who was told that he had cancer and believed he had just weeks to live, received the amazing news that he wasn't terminally ill just days before his wedding.

Twenty-three-year-old Jack Kane and new wife Emma, were able to share the news with their guests at their hastily arranged nuptials.


Jack had begged nurses to life him out of his wheelchair so he could get down on bended knee and ask Emma to marry, after he was diagnosed with what doctors believed was a cancerous tumour on his spine.

Credit: North News And Pictures

Emma said yes and the pair began planning their big day eight days later, but at the reception, James and Emma were able to tell friends and family that he didn't have cancer after all.

Jack had faced an unsure few months after he began getting intense back pain, pins and needles, hypersensitivity in his legs and was unable to walk.


He had a number of tests and made several trips to the doctor and hospitals, unable to get to the cause of the problem, Jack was given a number of diagnoses, from a trapped nerve to mental illness. However, his health continued to rapidly deteriorate and one day he woke up to find he could not move at all.

It was then doctors gave him the tentative diagnosis of cancer after scans indicated a tumour in his spine and that he could have just weeks to live.

After the shock diagnosis Jack decided he wanted to ask Emma to marry him, he said: "I was always going to marry her - we've known each other for nearly ten years and have been together for the last three. From the day I first met her I knew I wanted to be with her.

Credit: North News And Pictures

"So I got my mum to get the ring and the nurses put me down on one knee to propose. We were married eight days later - why waste any time?"

As well as planning his wedding, Jack was also preparing himself for a spinal biopsy operation. But when the day came, a scan found that the tumour had shrunk and further tests suggested that he didn't have cancer.

The wedding went ahead at the hospital on 23 October with the happy couple sharing the good news about Jack's diagnosis with their guests.

Emma said: "The love, support and strength we've received from family, friends and people who just heard we were getting married has been absolutely overwhelming.

"We really can't thank everyone enough who have been there for us and also helped to make our day so amazing."

Jack has since been told that it's likely he has a rare neurological condition called euromyelitis optica, also known as Devic's disease, but is still waiting on a definite diagnosis from doctors.

He's still in hospital receiving treatment but is optimistic about his future, saying: "My legs may never come back but there are people worse off than me. I won't be beaten by something I can't see.

"The staff on ward 27 have also been truly amazing right from the beginning - if you've a question to ask or if you just need someone there to put a hand on your shoulder, they are there for you. We class them as family."

How nice is that?

Featured Image Credit: North News And Pictures

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