£11.3m Lotto Results: National Lottery & Thunderball Numbers For Wednesday 7 February

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£11.3m Lotto Results: National Lottery & Thunderball Numbers For Wednesday 7 February

Here we are again, it's Wednesday 7 February and it's time to discover if anyone has won the Lotto Jackpot this week.

Once again, nobody won the jackpot last week, so this week's draw is now a quadruple rollover - which puts the jackpot at a flipping massive £11.3m which is more than enough for you to turn in your notice at work and become a lady/lord of leisure.

There will also be one guaranteed Millionaire raffle winner, and a load of others will win up to £20,000, which is better than a slap across the face with a wet fish.

The lucky balls the came out of last Saturday's draw were: 08, 26, 27, 29, 49, 58. The bonus ball was: 38


So that's your main jackpot draw numbers and also the Millionaire Raffle numbers that you need to check (you can find the Tier 2 Millionaire Raffle codes on the National Lottery website).

The Lotto draw results for Wednesday 7 February are: 5, 19, 29, 34, 40, 45 and the bonus ball is 57.

Tonight's Millionaire Raffle Tier 1 code is NAVY 6648 0915.

Tonight - and last night actually - there is also the Thunderball draw to think about. If you've entered that, you just need five balls and the Thunderball to win a guaranteed £500k. You don't have to share it with anyone else either, which is nice.


The Thunderball lottery results are: 1, 20, 26, 29, 30 with the Thunderball number 3.

The all-important lucky balls from last night's draw were: 06, 15, 21, 22, and 30. The Thunderball was 02.

If you're lucky enough to have won you can head on over to the National Lottery website to find out how to go about claiming your prize, you jammy sod.

If you've not won - not to worry, there's always the next draw, so just keep the faith.

Credit: PA.
Credit: PA.

What is Lotto?

Lotto is one of the most popular National Lottery games, with life changing money up for grabs. Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday. The highest jackpot so far was £66m in January 2016.

How much does a Lotto ticket cost?


A Lotto ticket costs £2.00 per play and includes a UK Millionaire Raffle code, which creates two new UK millionaires every week - guaranteed.

How to play Lotto:

To win the jackpot you need to match the six main numbers. If multiple people win the jackpot then the prize money is shared equally between the winners.

Alongside the main jackpot there is also a Millionaire Raffle code which will win a guaranteed £1,000,000. If you are really lucky it is possible to win both the jackpot and the UK Millionaire Maker on the same ticket.


Lotto Prizes

6 Main Numbers = Jackpot

5 Main Numbers + Bonus Ball = £50,000

5 Main Numbers = £1,000

4 Main Numbers = £100

3 Main Numbers = £25

2 Main Numbers = One Free Lotto Lucky Dip

Millionaire Raffle = Guaranteed £1 million

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