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Man With Rare Regurgitation 'Superpower' Is 'One Of Only Eight In The World'

Man With Rare Regurgitation 'Superpower' Is 'One Of Only Eight In The World'

Kieron submitted himself for medical examination, and the doctors couldn't explain his ability

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A man with a rare 'superpower' that allows him to swallow things and then regurgitate them on cue, and in any order you like, says that he only knows of eight other people in the world that have the same ability.

Kieron The Mighty - a 37-year-old performer and artist from the West Country - discovered his ability as a child, but has since been examined by doctors in an x-ray machine, and they couldn't really explain his remarkable talent.

Now, he exhibits his 'superpower' - as he calls it - on TikTok, and it isn't just the doctors that are baffled anymore.

Before we get into it, this isn't a magic trick, nor is it simply vomiting, it's something different to that, and there are seriously few people who can perform in this way.

Kieron - who across various platforms with his 'superhuman' feats - explained: "It is very rare. I'm one of eight known in the world, from what I know.

"From my research I've collected pretty much anyone I could find that has the ability, but there are different ways of knowing if someone is a magician or not.

"If they don't water spout, they generally aren't a regurgitator, there's other things going on. What I'm looking for is people who are doing a particular thing."


"I'm sure there are people who have the ability but don't use it. For example, what I want to see is someone that is able to swallow a mint, a drink, and another object, then if I say 'bring me back the liquid and then the mint' - that's what I want to see, because then I know it's real.

"I'm sure people can just make themselves throw up, but this isn't throwing up, it's a control."

For Kieron, it's completely normal, but to others it's more difficult to understand.

Kieron continued: "It's effortless, it's like breathing. There's no struggle.

"I just select what I want and bring it back. I'm not gagging, I'm in control and can stop and start whenever I want. It's complete control."

Whilst he may be one of a handful of people with this ability, what is certain is that he's the only one who has presented himself for medical science to attempt to explain it.


He said: "One of my friends is a performer who is also a surgeon, and he was just interested in figuring it out.

"When I went into the doctor came up to me and said 'I'm just going to let you know, this isn't going to be anything special, we know how you're doing it, but he wants to document you for some weird reason, we know that you're causing yourself to throw up'.

"I said I'm not, and they said that was the only way it could be done."

Then, they stuck him into an x-ray machine to test the theory.

"They were freaking out, because they can't explain it. They thought it was done like everyone else - that I was throwing up - but it turns out that I'm sending an air pocket down to my stomach, then picking what I want and bringing it back."

"In the end it was non-conclusive. It just freaked them out, they said they'd never seen anything like it."


In his career as a performer, Kieron does bubble art, juggling, magic, and performs yo-yo tricks, as well as being involved in performance art.

However, it is the regurgitation that has drawn the most interest from his worldwide audiences and on his TikTok account.

However, he added: "I don't think I'm particular special, and I think there is probably other people that do it.

"The truth is I don't really know much about the other regurgitators. I imagine it's pretty physically different, but the important thing for people to know is that everything I swallow goes to my stomach.

"Nothing is held anywhere else than that. People get the idea that I'm just holding it in my throat - I can't hold four litres of water in my throat!

"I can speak the entire time. I have 100 percent control of the skill. That's where it gets difficult for people to understand.

"That's how you know when someone can't do it - when they can't talk."

Despite that, Kieron is keen to mention that whilst this might be the rarest of his talents, it is far from the only one.

He explained: "I don't see myself as this amazing person. I was just going for the showmanship side of things, which I understand is how you have to sell something. It's all about the storytelling.

"But, the truth is that I am the only person who has been medically examined, I'm the first regurgitator to be x-rayed and examined by doctors.

"There isn't another one in medical history, that isn't me bragging, it's just a fact."

Well, it's a fact that is playing well with his audience. Despite only signing on to social media when the coronavirus pandemic hit and opportunities to play live dried up, Kieron now has 589,000 followers on TikTok and his posts have received 13.7 million likes.

If you want to check his work out - and you really should, because it's remarkable - you can head to his TikTok account here.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS/Kieron The Mighty

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