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​Homeless Man Found Dead After Having To Sleep In Freezing Cold Weather

​Homeless Man Found Dead After Having To Sleep In Freezing Cold Weather

A homeless man has been found dead near the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham, after sleeping outside in this weekend's freezing temperatures.

The man was found by a concerned outreach worker, who went to check on him out of concern over the cold weather. Police officers and West Midlands Ambulance were then called to the area just after 9.30am on Sunday morning.


According to Met Office readings, temperatures dropped to -0.8°C (30°F) overnight between Saturday and Sunday.

Rob Yasai, a volunteer at Birmingham Homeless Outreach, had tried to save the man after finding him and checking on him.

"I walked past to check on him because I knew the risks he was taking in the cold weather and I wanted to make sure he was ok," Rob told the Birmingham Mail.

"We thought he was sleeping but when I pulled the blankets away he wouldn't wake up."

Rob added: "I did everything I could but he didn't respond.


"Only the night before I had told him to come to the unit because it was so cold. He would do anything for anyone and he wanted to be out there with his friend.

"I knew they were out there together that's why I walked past to check. Even after it happened people were walking past him without blinking.

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"He might have been homeless, but he's still a human being."

Snow in Birmingham. Credit: PA

The homeless man was apparently a well-known and popular character on the streets.

"He was a caring, fun person," Rob continued, paying tribute to the man. "He cared about everyone and was worried about everyone else. He would put everyone before himself even though he was in the same situation.

"He died putting someone else first. He could have been in a shelter but he wanted to make sure his friend was safe. The night before they both said they would come back and stay at the shelter but they didn't return."

West Midlands Police said: "Officers were called to Edgbaston Street in Birmingham just after 9.30am on Sunday 17 December to reports of a man being found seriously unwell.

"Sadly, the 38-year-old man passed away soon after the ambulance service arrived.

"The death is not being treated as suspicious and has been referred to the coroner."

Homelessness in Birmingham has now reached 12,000, the newspaper reports - a particularly worrying number given the arrival of freezing cold weather.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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