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The oldest nightclub in the UK still sells every drink for 75p

The oldest nightclub in the UK still sells every drink for 75p

The Acapulco Club in Halifax still offers every drink for 75p on every night it's open

A nightclub that is widely recognised as the oldest in the UK has a deal where all drinks are 75p.

These days, it’s hard running a pub or a nightclub.

Things were getting tough before the Covid-19 pandemic, with people choosing to stay at home and drink stuff they bought at the supermarket, or simply choosing to stay at home.

During the pandemic, countless venues were left empty and struggled to get people through the doors once things eventually opened up again.

It’s a bit of a national tragedy, but there are always those who swim against that prevailing tide.

The Acapulco Club

This is the tale of one such shining light in the darkness, a beacon of hope in a world in which the dream of cheap drinks and sticky floors are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Nestled into the Pennine hills of West Yorkshire, in the post-industrial town of Halifax, there’s still life, and it is called Acapulco.

The Acapulco Club is widely regarded as the oldest nightclub in the UK, and it has been open in ‘Fax since 1961.

That longevity means that they must be doing something right, and that something might just be their decision to sell drinks for just 75p each before 11:00pm.

The Acapulco Club has been in Halifax since 1961.
Google Maps

Imagine that – when pints in London can regularly now clock in at over £7, you could be having nine drinks for that price, if you head to Acapulco, that is.

Named for the city in Mexico, it’s a long way from the glitz and glamour of some other nightclubs, but it retains a hardcore following in its own town and beyond.

On the official website, it reads: “Proudly recognised as the oldest nightclub in the UK, we've been setting the stage for unforgettable nights under the 'Acapulco' name since 1961.

“Often fondly referred to as 'Acca,' we've crafted a legendary atmosphere that has seen decades of smiles, dances, and memories.

“Our enchanting ambiance, coupled with our unbelievable offer of 75p drinks before 11pm every night we're open, makes us an iconic destination for night owls and party enthusiasts.

“Step into Acapulco Nightclub, and be part of a legacy that brings the party to Calderdale!”

75p per drink, not a bad offer.
The Acapulco Club

So, if you’re planning a trip, ‘The Acca’ is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and it’s free before 10:30pm.

You’ll be there before then, though, to take advantage of the cheap drinks.

It’s a throwback to another era for anyone of a certain age, and – for those who are younger – a look at what was on offer in provincial town nightclubs of the past.

Once places like this are gone, they’ll be gone, and we won’t know what we’ve missed.

The heady mix of cheap drinks, questionable music, and even more questionable dancing is a legacy that we must ensure we leave to our children.

We owe it to them, and long may the party continue in Halifax.

Featured Image Credit: The Acapulco Club/Google Maps

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