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Alex Batty came up with clever idea to not raise suspicions after making 'quick decision' to leave home

Alex Batty came up with clever idea to not raise suspicions after making 'quick decision' to leave home

Alex Batty went missing aged 11 in 2017

Alex Batty - who has been adjusting to life back in the UK - has opened up on the 'quick decision' he made to leave home.

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The Oldham teenager was just 11 years old when he went missing back in 2017.

His mother Melanie Batty, who was not his legal guardian, took him on a pre-arranged trip to Spain with his grandfather, David Batty.

The boy flew out with the family to Malaga Airport for a week-long stay in the Benahavis area.

However, the trio did not come back to England on their expected return date on 8 October, 2017.

While he was missing, it is thought that Alex - who used the name Zack Edwards - had been living with his mother and grandfather, across Spain, Morocco and France.

The teenager returned to the UK last month.

Alex claims he would ask his mother if he could return to the UK.

"I had thoughts of leaving back to England when I was 14. And I talked to my mother and my granddad about leaving for the first time when I was 16," he said in an interview with Good Morning Britain today (3 January).

"It was an absolute no go from her. But for my grandad, it was a case of, 'I want to do what's best for my life'. And he was completely understanding of that."

Opening up on his escape plan, the now-17-year-old explained: "I just realised it was time. That just like that, and then it was probably around seven o'clock when I realised I gotta go.

"And so I made food for everyone. Played it chill, of course. And then around half 10 I wrote the note.

"And by 12 o'clock I was gone."

Alex Batty was just 11 when he went missing in October 2017.

Unable to say goodbye, Alex left a heartbreaking note to his mother, which read: "Hey mum I want you to know I love you very much.

"I am very thankful for the life that you provided for me over the past few years.

"Don't worry about yourself I am sure you won't get found, don't worry about me either.

"You know I can take care of myself.

"I love you very much, don't be too mad at me. Love Alex."

The teenager returned to the UK last month to celebrate his first Christmas back in England.

Alex is now under the legal guardianship of his grandmother, Susan Caruana, in Oldham.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that a criminal investigation had been launched into Alex’s alleged abduction.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/GMP

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