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Brits point out problem after bloke realises it’s cheaper to live in a 5-star resort than the UK

Brits point out problem after bloke realises it’s cheaper to live in a 5-star resort than the UK

He's found a month-long holiday at a resort for less than what he pays in rent and bills

People have been left shocked after a bloke claims it's cheaper to live in an all-inclusive in Turkey than rent in Manchester - although some folks think they’ve spotted a problem with his plan.

Josh Kerr went viral after sharing a clip to TikTok in which he somewhat staggeringly claimed it was cheaper to live in a five-star all-inclusive resort than Manchester.

Josh was inspired to crunch the numbers after watching a video in which an American man worked out it was cheaper to live on a permanent holiday then fork out rent in the US city he lived in.

Deciding to give it a go himself, Josh fired up his laptop and checked out the prices for an all-inclusive holiday for 28 nights.

He filtered his results to show the cheapest first and found a holiday to Xoria Deluxe Resort in Antalya, Turkey - including flights to and from Manchester - for £938 per person.

Josh found a cheap as chips month-long holiday.

Josh commented: “Third of April to first of May, that’s 28 days. Hold luggage included - so they're not even going to include a stupid price for the hold luggage - 20kg in there. Fast track security. What more could you want?

“And I’m living here in rainy Manchester?”

Taking a look at the hotel, Josh added: “Five-star hotel. I mean that looks pretty bog-standard to me. It’s decent that. For nine hundred quid a month. I’m not being funny, right, but I pay nine-fifty a month for my rent, bills, council tax and that.

“Here you’re getting breakfast, lunch, evening meal, drinks, snacks and the gaff for the £937.10 and that’s with flights. What are we doing in England?”

The clip has since racked up thousands of views with fellow Brits reeling after seeing the price comparison.

Commenting on the clip, one person said: “Time for a bold new lifestyle working from five star hotels.”

Another wrote: “This is why I go on holiday to Turkey for a month in summer. It’s cheaper than a few days out in London with the children!”

A third said: “Food and drinks included all day, every day too. Only additional cost would be washing clothes.”

However, others pointed out a potential problem with his plan - as one person noted: “It won't be that price in the height of summer though.”

While a second commented: “This time of year it’s cheap and not warm in Turkey, in June/July it would be £3/£4k.”

And that wasn’t the only issue that jumped out to people, with one fellow TikToker jokingly asking: “How much is a return flight every day to go to work?” Yeah, good point.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@joshkerr0

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