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Martin Lewis' MSE warns thousands of Brits today is last chance to get £299 you may be owed

Martin Lewis' MSE warns thousands of Brits today is last chance to get £299 you may be owed

You've only got a few hours left to get £299

The clock is ticking on a chance for you to get your hands on a payment of £299 you might be owed, as the deadline is a minute to midnight tonight (5 March).

Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert site has issued a last-minute call for anyone who might be eligible to claim what's theirs.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

Basically, if you were of state pension age between 13 November and 12 December last year then you're eligible to apply for Pension Credit and for the third and final cost of living payment that's part of it.

The MSE site estimates that around seven million households across the UK have received the payment so this really is last orders for anyone who might have been eligible but missed out for whatever reason.

If you are entering your golden years and didn't claim the third cost of living payment then this is your final chance to get the money.

It'd be a shame to miss out on £299.
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How to claim

What you'd have to do is head over the government's website, apply for Pension Credit and then ask for the third cost of living payment to be backdated.

This figure should have been paid out last month but if you didn't get it when you think you ought to then you'd better quickly report it to the government.

The crucial thing here is that you'd be applying for your Pension Credit, as the cost of living payments that come with it are supposed to be automatic and you don't have to apply for those.

The Money Saving Expert site explained that you should be paid automatically as long as you're eligible to receive it.

Who else gets the cost of living payment?

You're eligible if you're entitled to Child Tax Credit, Income Support, Income-based jobseeker's allowance, Income-related employment and support allowance, Pension Credit and Working Tax Credits.

Tonight is the last chance, so after midnight the opportunity is gone.
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The site also said you were eligible if you were on Universal Credit, with the exception of your Universal Credit being reduced to zero between 13 November and 12 December 2023.

This is the final cost of living payment going out so if you haven't sorted out the arrangements that would mean you're in line to get it backdated by tonight then there's nothing more coming.

The first of these three payments as part of a package of up to £900 per person came in April last year with £301, while in October people were paid £300 and now the final £299 payment is about to be consigned to the history books.

Speaking on ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show last year, the man himself said there could be thousands of Brits who might be missing out on Pension Credit.

It might just be safer to check it out now.

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