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Identity revealed of mystery bloke accused of being Banksy at site of new artwork

Identity revealed of mystery bloke accused of being Banksy at site of new artwork

People reckoned the fella was the artist himself.

The identity of the mystery bloke accused of being Banksy has been revealed.

After the legendary graffiti artist recently launched a new piece in Finsbury Park, London, a witness claimed he’d stuck around.

What is Banksy's first confirmed artwork of 2024?

Bansky confirmed he was behind the latest piece – a woman blasting green paint onto a white wall behind a bare tree.

Some locals of Hornsey Road actually fear it’s going to send their rent ‘skyrocketing’ as people flock to see the art.

And while people have been heading over to see the green graffiti on the white peeling side of a building, one reckoned they’d seen Banksy himself there too.

A witness claimed they’d seen a man who bore a 'striking resemblance' to someone who has previously been rumoured to be the mystery spray painter.

Banksy has claimed the Finsbury Park mural.
Rasid Necati Aslim/Anadolu via Getty Images

Why do people think Robin Gunningham is Banksy?

Way back in 2008, reports began to speculate that Robin Gunningham was actually Banksy.

This theory got legs following a lawsuit which was launched against Banksy's company, Pest Control Ltd.

Andrew Gallagher took the firm to court over defamation claims, while also suing a bloke named Robin Gunningham. People naturally connected the dots.

The fella spotted at Finsbury Park in recent days is said to have similar features as Gunningham, but he’s now spoken out and said he’s not him.

People were convinced this man is Banksy, but it turns out he's not.

Who was the man spotted in Finsbury Park accused of being Banksy?

The Sun tracked down the mystery man, confirming his name is actually George Georgiou.

The 67-year-old builder said he’s the dad of the landlord of the graffitied building, Alex Georgiou, and has been there to install Perspex to protect the Banksy piece.

While waiting for a delivery on Monday he told The Sun ‘all hell broke loose’ when the art appeared and onlookers spotted him.

“Instead of just whipping a picture, they should've just said who are you? Would've been so much easier,” he said.

"It's nonsense. I'm the landlord's father. I know nothing at all about the work. We found out at about 3pm on Sunday afternoon. One of the tenants rang my son up and told him.”


With the work already having been vandalised, George said he’s spent nearly £2,500 on perspex so far and has 24/7 security to protect it.

And even though he’s not too bothered about it, he has no plans to sell it.

“I'd like to get a roller and go over it, get it over and done with, just paint it. It's not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination,” he admitted.

"It's for the public really. Unfortunately, there are a bit too many jealous people around.

"Am I fan? I dunno, not a thing I have ever really thought about. We are running round like headless chickens trying to protect it."

Well, we’re still no closer to knowing who Banksy is then.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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