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Locals convinced 'Bigfoot' is walking UK coastline after discovering huge 'mysterious' footprint

Locals convinced 'Bigfoot' is walking UK coastline after discovering huge 'mysterious' footprint

Brits think they may have found the mythical creature

Bigfoot is one of the most famous mythical creatures in North American folklore, becoming somewhat of an icon in pop culture.

Humans have been fascinated with the possibility of the creature being real, with a number of Canadians and Americans widely believing that the giant hairy monster is roaming their forests.

However, a group of walkers have recently been convinced they have found evidence that Bigfoot does really exist, but the sighting is not where you'd think.

It looks like somehow, the creature made its way across the Atlantic, swimming thousands of miles to end up on the coastline of... Devon?

Somehow, it looks like a 'mysterious' footprint along an attractive coast path on the British south coast.

There is still no hard evidence that the creature is real, but it hasn't stopped thousands of believers to do their research into the monster that they believe is 'real', with many going on expeditions to catch a 'sighting' of it.

The massive muddy footprint will excite Bigfoot fans as the legendary creature may really have been taking a stroll along the UK's coastline.

People believe they may finally have evidence that Bigfoot is real.

The walking group was on an excursion with Rock Solid Coasteering, spotting the colossal print along the Maidencombe coast path in Torquay, Devon on Saturday (2 March).

Explaining the discovery, they said that even though the path was muddy, huge footprints 'emerged' from the nearby woods at Watcombe.

A member of the group said that the prints came directly from the woods, which then followed the path for around 20 metres before heading back into the woods.

The group were apparently 'weirded out' by the discovery.

Though there was no exact measurement given, one member of the walking group revealed: "The prints were big. I'm a size 11 and they were half as big again. Clearly a bare foot, every print was perfect like the one in the photo."

This isn't the first time people think they have seen glimpses of the creature, though.

Bigfoot 'sightings' have occurred a number of times over the years.
Bettmann/Getty Images

In 2006, there were reported sightings in a large woodland in the UK lasted for about six weeks, with 15 witnesses coming forward and claiming that they saw a Bigfoot-like animal.

Giving a description of what they saw, the creature was about five-feet tall, with brown hair covering its body and with a green face, and no tail.

Apparently, this creature was spotted swinging between tree branches 'with tremendous agility'.

There were also reports of a 'Littlefoot' in Devon in 2022, as the Director of North Devon's Centre for Fortean Zoology Jon Downes stated: "I have many similar reports of such creatures being seen in Devonshire woodland.

"And this one is a real cracker because it has so much separate and credible corroboration to it."

In what is commonly known as a North American legend, researchers claim that there are similar creatures in the UK, with folklore stating that the large beast would wander the woods.

Featured Image Credit: Devon Live/BPMBettmann/Getty Images

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