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Drivers queue for cheap petrol as Black Friday deals slash prices in UK garages

Drivers queue for cheap petrol as Black Friday deals slash prices in UK garages

Motorists have been rushing to make the most of the Black Friday fuel offers at participating garages.

You might find your local petrol station is busier than usual today - as a number of garages have decided to get involved in Black Friday by slashing the prices of fuel.

Drivers have been rushing to join the queues at the participating branches to fill up their motors for less.

Petrol stations have dubbed the offer a 'Black Fuel' sale and the majority of Brits seem to be more impressed with this discount than the bargains they might get online for Black Friday.

But unfortunately, it's not a nationwide deal - so you might face a long drive if your desperate to fill up on the cheap.

And there are also obviously some rules to abide by to, as it isn't a fuel free-for-all.

Garages have warned motorists that they can't stick the nozzle in drums, so don't get any ideas about heading home with a stockpile of diesel.

Drivers are also restricted to a maximum of 99 litres per customer at most participating petrol stations. But hey, who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth?

The only petrol stations which have confirmed they are offering Black Friday deals are in Northern Ireland and in Bolton.

Motorists in Northern Ireland can take advantage of Black Friday fuel deals today.
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Queues of motorists have already descended on locations in Belfast to take advantage of the offer at a number of Centra garages.

According to local media, the branches on Stewartstown Road and Boucher Road are participating in the fuel sale as well as other Centra forecourts around the city.

People can bag unleaded for 124.9p per litre, while diesel has been slashed to 129.9p - which is around 20p cheaper than current prices in Northern Ireland.

Centra are calling the promotion 'Blackout Wednesday' and called on drivers to make the most of it in a post, saying: "Time to get filling."

The offer runs from 10am to 9pm today.

GO Garages in Belfast have also reportedly launched similar promotions in previous years, such as 2022's 'Thanksgiving Thursday' discount - so keep an eye on their petrol stations too.

The price of petrol and diesel has been slashed at participating garages.
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In Bolton, the 'Black Fuel' sale has sadly already been and gone - but again, other firms may jump on the bandwagon, so don't give up hope yet!

Drivers rushed to Texaco on Chorley New Road on Sunday to fill up their tanks for a fraction of the usual cost.

The deal was only available from 6am until 9pm on November 19, so if you missed it - your out of luck.

Those who made it to the Horwich forecourt in time were greeted by prices of 129.9p for petrol and 141.9p for diesel.

Who fancies starting the petition to make petrol stations participation in Black Friday mandatory, please?

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