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Millions of BMW, Vauxhall and Land Rover drivers could be eligible for payment up to £10,000

Millions of BMW, Vauxhall and Land Rover drivers could be eligible for payment up to £10,000

Here's how to find out if you qualify for the funds.

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We've all had issues with our cars before... Whether the gearbox has gone, or the battery has died, or your wing mirror has been clipped off by a careless driver while you're in a multi-story carpark, it's all pretty inconvenient and costly to fix. But would you ever imagine that your car's manufacturer could have been keeping information from you that could now be worth thousands of pounds in compensation?

Read on to find out whether you've been affected and how to claim...

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Millions of drivers across the UK could be eligible for a decent sum of money thanks to a controversial issue that rocked the motors industry in 2015.

A handful of car manufacturers were found to have installed an illegal emissions-cheating software into vehicles that run off diesel fuel.

Known as 'dieselgate', this sneaky tactic meant that these cars would show artificially lower emissions when being tested. Under lab conditions, these so-called 'defeat devices' were able to make it so that the engines released safe measure of nitrogen oxide, therefore complying with motoring regulations.

However, when the same cars were tested on the roads, the International Council of Clean Transportation discovered that the cars emitted much higher levels of the gas than first thought, actually dramatically exceeding the emission standards.

As these vehicles produce more harmful gases than advertised, they were unfortunately mis-sold to drivers.

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In fact, if you owned or leased a diesel BMW; JLR; Citroen; Peugeot; Vauxhall; Nissan or Renault vehicle that was made between September 2009 and July 2016, it could have been one of the affected ones with a built-in defeat device.

Whether you bought it outright, on finance, direct from a manufacturer or from a third party seller it doesn't matter - you still could be eligible for compensation. Even if you've since got rid of the vehicle.

Motorists can sign up on the website and find out if they're eligible for compensation, worth up to £10,000. All you have to do is enter your car's registration number and fill out a couple of quick and easy questions. The website will then run a check on your vehicle and you'll be told instantly whether you're entitled to any cash. The best part? The claim operates on a no-win-no-fee basis, so there's literally nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The site also claims that motorists could receive compensation worth up to 75% of the car's original price.

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