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Tom Moore’s family break down exactly where £800,000 actually came from after admitting to keeping it

Tom Moore’s family break down exactly where £800,000 actually came from after admitting to keeping it

Captain Tom's family have explained where the controversial £800,000 came from in an interview with Piers Morgan on Talk TV

Captain Tom Moore’s family have explained exactly where the £800,000 that they’ve admitted to keeping came from.

The family have been the focus of a number of allegations in recent times, including planning scandal relating to a spa/pool that they had built at their house, and payments made to Tom’s daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore for attending a charity event despite being paid a salary as the chief executive of the charitable foundation.

They have admitted to keeping £800,000 in profits from the late Captain’s books, including his autobiography, which features a passage in the prologue about how the money raised would go to help his charity.

It reads: “Astonishingly at my age, with the offer to write this memoir I have also been given the chance to raise even more money for the charitable foundation now established in my name.”

Now, in an interview on Talk TV with Piers Morgan, the family - Hannah Ingram-Moore, her husband Colin, and their two children Benji and Georgia - have explained exactly where the money came from, and told their side of the story.

Hannah Ingram-Moore wiped away a tear as she was interviewed by Piers Morgan.
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Morgan asked them: “All this money, this £809,000 in the first year that Club Nook Ltd raised in revenue, where did that come from? Because the belief is that it came from Captain Tom themed merchandise, is that the case?”

Colin responded: “No, that money hasn’t come from merchandise, the bulk of that money, the vast majority of that money came from the three books that he wrote with Penguin Random House.

“So, Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day which was his autobiography, which was about his life.”

Piers then asked: “What percentage of the Club Nook money was from those books?” to which Colin answered: “The vast majority.”

When asked why the money from the books has not gone to charity, Hannah said: “These were my father’s books and it was honestly such a joy for him to write them, but they were his books.

“The deal was done, he had an agent, and the agent and he worked on that deal, they were Captain Tom’s books, and his wishes was that the money would sit in Club Nook.”

Piers interjected: “For you to keep?”

“Yes, specifically,” Hannah said.

According to the family, there was never any agreement on behalf of Captain Tom that the money would go to the charity.

“Absolutely not,” Hannah said.

The interview with the Ingram-Moore family airs tonight on Talk TV.

“Remember, he wrote these books, he started writing them fairly early on, just as the walk had finished, and they were all signed off and he’d finished them by the June of 2020.

“They were never anything to do with the charity.”

In response to those who think the money should have gone to charity, Hannah said: “They were my father’s books.

“He wrote them, and he decided what to do with the income from them.

“It was his wishes, not ours.

“He made the decision about the things that he did, we didn’t act for him.”

Colin added: “It was his money, his income, and just because the charity happened to be called the Captain Tom Foundation doesn’t mean that his assets are all suddenly owned by [the charity].”

The full interview with the Ingram-Moore family will be aired on Talk TV at 8:00pm this evening.

Featured Image Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage/TalkTV

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