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Students' Union bans students from wearing blue shirts and chinos

Students' Union bans students from wearing blue shirts and chinos

The Students' Union has banned blue shirts and chinos from a night at their bar

A university students’ union has banned anyone entering their premises wearing a very specific outfit, and – no – it’s not offensive or inappropriate.

In fact, it’s a totally normal outfit that you’ll have seen loads of people wearing.

However, it’s not the clothes themselves that are the problem here, it’s the people wearing them who have been causing havoc.

This bloke isn't getting in.
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Cardiff University Students’ Union has been forced to ban anyone wearing a blue shirt and chino trousers from a Wednesday club night called YOLO, hosted at the union bar, because of the behaviour of a number of people who attended a recent night wearing those clothes.

It started in the queue for the night on Wednesday 4 October when a number of men were seen behaving in a ‘reckless, dangerous, and incredibly irresponsible way’.

The outfit is normally associated with the sports clubs, though we can’t be sure exactly what the nature of the behaviour that saw the outfits banned was.

We’ve reached out to CUSU for a comment, so hopefully they’ll be able to provide a bit more information.

In an email which was sent out to members of the university’s Athletic Union, according to the BBC, the Students’ Union told them: "The behaviour displayed by the group in question can only be described as reckless, dangerous and incredibly irresponsible.

"Fortunately, security were able to intervene and safely disperse the crowd, however, the situation could have easily escalated into a major incident had they not acted promptly."

Since the ban came into effect, the Students’ Union says there has been a ‘marked improvement in behaviour in the queue’.

Chinos are a no-no now.
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The email continued: "If any group knows who the males were that caused this incident, I advise the committee to approach Athletic Union staff and the matter can be dealt with.

"Whilst we understand that this approach might not be favourable with all, until we are confident that those behaviours have been rooted out, we will continue with this restriction."

It’s quite strange how banning a few pieces of clothing might change behaviour, given that it’s the same people wearing different clothes, but there must be some rational reasoning behind it.

Perhaps it’s a simple coincidence, and behaviour has improved because those involved realised that they’d get into real trouble if they didn’t buck their ideas up.

Still, let this be your warning, even if you just like blue shirts and chinos, you won’t be getting into this night with them on.

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