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Charles Bronson has a bizarre list of things he wants to do if he is ever released from prison

Charles Bronson has a bizarre list of things he wants to do if he is ever released from prison

The 71-year-old, who is dubbed 'Britain's most notorious inmate', revealed what he longs for on the outside world.

I can't say I've ever been inside a slammer, but I can imagine most inmates spend their days dreaming of how they would seize their chance at freedom and what they would get up to in the outside world.

Charles Bronson is a bloke who knowns that feeling more than most, seen as though he has spent the best part of more than 50 years behind bars despite numerous attempts to convince the parole board he was no longer a danger to society.

He reckons he has had 'more porridge than Goldilocks and the three bears' throughout the time he has spent in jail and he is more than ready to become a free man - as well as being eager to treat his tastebuds to something a bit less bland.

Bronson, who is dubbed 'Britain's most notorious inmate', has been locked up in prisons and high-security psychiatric institutions for decades due to his violent past.

He was originally jailed for seven years on armed robbery charges in 1974, but got some time added to his sentence due to launching attacks on fellow prisoners and guards.

After his release in 1987, the bare-knuckle boxer was then hauled back to the cells a year later after being convicted of another armed robbery.

Bronson was then slapped with a discretionary life sentence with a minimum term of four years after he held a prison teacher hostage for 44 hours in 1996.

Bronson still holds out hope that he will one day gain freedom.
Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

He made another bid for freedom last year, while becoming one of the first prisoners to ask for a public parole hearing in recent years, but it was denied as the parole board ruled he lacks the 'skills to manage his risk of future violence'.

During a new interview with the Daily Mail, the now-71-year-old said he was 'disgusted' by the outcome but still held out hope that his next attempt, which is likely to take place next year, would be successful.

The inmate, who is currently confined to his cell for around 23 hours a day, said: "I think they will approve my release. "They have to release me. I was disgusted at my last parole. I had earned better than that.

"All my hard work in the past six years and to get nothing at all, was devastating."

Holding onto the belief that he will one day be a free man seems to help Bronson deal with his incarceration, as he explained he longs to 'enjoy the little things in life' again.

The prisoner revealed what he would do if he gets out.
Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

He explained that he wants to strip off his shoes and socks to walk barefoot on grass, have a slap up meal at a greasy spoon and 'hug a tree' if he is ever freed.

Bronson said: "The last time [I walked barefoot on grass] was over 30 years ago. I would like to go into a greasy spoon and order the biggest fry up on the planet.

"I want to go to a wood and hug a tree. Enjoy the little things in life. Go to a fish and chip shop and order fish and chips. "Sit on a bench to eat it, whilst watching the world go by. My dreams are so simple and easy. I just want peace and quiet, and sit down and create my art."

He's a bit of an artiste to say the least and his works have been publicly exhibited as well as earning him multiple awards.

Bronson's creations have raised thousands of pounds for charities including the Born for Art Foundation in recent years.

Featured Image Credit: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

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