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CEO shares three ‘killer’ interview questions designed to throw you off course

CEO shares three ‘killer’ interview questions designed to throw you off course

A former Dragon's Den CEO has revealed how they like to trip up potential employees with three 'killer' interview questions.

Job interviews are never easy, not even if you are the boss apparently.

According to one CEO though, there are three ‘killer’ questions employers should always ask.

Designed to trip potential employees up, you’ll need to watch out for them if you are a jobseeker or they could cost you your dream job!

James Caan revealed his 'killer' interview questions.

Businessman James Caan designed these ‘killer’ questions, revealing that he often uses them if he really wants to get to know someone.

The LinkedIn influencer (yes, that’s a real thing) explained his interview technique on social media.

"Never one to follow the crowd, through my 30 years' experience interviewing candidates I've fashioned my very own set of questions designed to throw them off course and get down to the nitty gritty — to see a little of the real McCoy, not just your interview alter ego,” he wrote on LinkedIn.

Whilst it sounds like he means business, the former Dragons’ Den host later revealed that he has just ‘disguised’ typical interview questions.

When inquiring about any employee’s weaknesses for instance, the CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw Group would ask: “If I called your manager and asked what one thing irritated them about you, what would they say?”

For those hoping to get the top position, you should answer by ‘making it relevant and relative to the role you're interviewing for’ – apparently.

However, your chances aren’t over if you don’t get this first question right – so long as you don’t make a hatchet job of the next two questions.

The former Dragons Den host has even more challenging questions ahead.

Caan then revealed that he likes to ask people what their ‘claim to fame’ was in their previous role.

For those not down with the business lingo, it basically means tell me your strengths.

The TV personality explained this further on LinkedIn, writing: "Here I want to know what you excelled at in your previous role; what would your previous colleagues tell me you were known for?”

He added: “Give me something character-building.”

If you are still hoping to avoid ending up in a dead-end job though, you have just one more question to answer: If you had a magic wand and could have any job, what would it be?

According to the 62-year-old boss, this question is his favourite as he is ‘always surprised by the reaction it receives’.

He then explained in the lengthy LinkedIn post that most people ‘trip up’ here because they ‘forget’ they are in an interview!

"The general rule for this question is always answer with something in the same or similar industry or role you're applying for," he explained, adding that some answers were ‘priceless’.

He’s not the only one who likes to trip up potential employees as Elon Musk also has revealed he has similar interview questions – you have been warned!

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