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Builder who won £105m EuroMillions prize continued incredible act following big win

Builder who won £105m EuroMillions prize continued incredible act following big win

Steve Thompson vowed to look after his community, and four years on, he's kept his word

There aren’t many instances in your life that you have the opportunity to change the lives of people you know.

But one lottery win four years ago would set the course of improving lives of multiple people around the festive period.

This is the brilliant story of Steve Thompson, who won the EuroMillions in November 2019.

Usually, when you know someone who wins a boat load of cash, their personality can drastically change - but not Thompson.

In fact, his big win only proved to be an opportunity for him to help others.

The dad-of-three discovered he’d won £105 million on the lottery just as the Christmas period was about the start.

As a tradie who owned his own business selling windows and conservatories to the residents of Selsey in West Sussex, he was able to put his newfound money to use.

Tradesman Steve Thompson donated thousands to his community.

After receiving his payout, Thompson spent his earnings on a large six-bedroom terrace house and closed his business.

But not before doing a generous good turn for some of his clients.

The EuroMillions star decided to perform a kind act for one of his neighbours just month after winning the lottery.

The millionaire decided to continue working on a conservatory for one of his customers and waive the fee.

The Sun reports that Thompson wanted the families to keep the money they would have spent on paying him and use it on their Christmas shopping.

The publication spoke to the neighbour in question about this act of kindness.

They said: “He didn't charge. It shows he's a top bloke, a decent man.

"We didn't ask him about the win because he’s probably had enough of talking about it.

“I think it's quite nice for him to be able to work still because it takes his mind off the pressures of what to do with the money.”

Steve Thompson stuck to his word after winning a whopping £105 million.

Shortly after winning the incredible amount, Thompson had also vowed to help his community and friends, and he’s still stuck to his word years later.

The tradesman and his wife, Lenka reportedly donated £200,000 to support their hometown.

At the time, Thompson told The Sun: "It's so much money I'm going to be generous.

"I live in a small village, it's a nice village, I don't want to leave the village, so whatever I can do in the community, I will."

They went on to give a whopping £50,000 to Selsey Medical Centre to help fund new equipment so that locals didn’t have to travel for treatments, and £50k to his sons' school too.

How’s that for an amazing person?

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/The National Lottery

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