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Millions of Brits could be affected by new driving law under consideration

Millions of Brits could be affected by new driving law under consideration

This common issue could well affect you

UK drivers are being warning about a potential new change in the law aiming to crack down on an issue millions face every day.

The proposal came as part of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency's (DVSA) business plan for 2023-24, where it outlined a number of changes it was aiming for, including slashing waiting times for practical car tests and theory tests.

We've all been there. Learning to drive is stressful enough without having to drag that anxiety on for months on end waiting to take your practical.

The DVSA said the aim is for the waiting time for a practical test to be chopped down to seven weeks or less and for a theory test, just four weeks or less.

One of the other changes, however, that the DVSA has proposed has caused a slight panic among the public, mainly because it could affect millions of people.

One specific driving law change that has been considered could change the way people get their licences.
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If your eyesight is a bit worse for wear, you'd best listen up.

This is because the DVSA is considering reviewing how its eyesight tests are carried out.

Currently, learner drivers are required to be able to read a car number plate in daylight from 20 meters away at the start of their driving test.

But this could all change, with the DVSA considering testing drivers' eyesight 'in different levels of light'.

The DVSA states: "We are considering how the eyesight test is administered during a driving test.

"Potential changes to how we conduct the eyesight test were the subject of a public consultation. Most respondents supported the proposal to have more flexibility about how we conduct the eyesight test.

"The aim of the change is to provide more flexibility about when the driving test is conducted and in different levels of light."

People with bad eyesight could possibly be affected if the DVSA ultimately decide to change the way people take their eyesight test.
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Over 17 million Brits have confessed they struggle to see in low lighting, with people who find they are having trouble with their vision while driving urged to get it checked out ASAP and inform the DVLA.

The DVSA has not confirmed an actual law change just yet, with the plan currently only stating that studies have been conducted and shown that people are mostly open to the idea of a more in-depth eye test.

Still, it's worth bearing this in mind next time you get behind the wheel and forget your specs.

You've been warned!

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