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Woman reveals how much she made working on three delivery apps for two hours 40 mins

Woman reveals how much she made working on three delivery apps for two hours 40 mins

Spoiler alert: She's not exactly rolling in cash

A delivery driving mum has broken down how much she makes in just about three hours of working across three different delivery apps.

TikToker Atlanta Martin often makes videos showing her side of things being a delivery driver in the UK and recently she broke down her earnings over just under three hours of being on the road.

In a new video she posted how much she was making between Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats between 5:40pm and 8:20pm.

Deliveroo turned out to be her biggest earner at the time, making her £23.32 over the almost three hours, while Uber Eats at £19.90 was a close second.

People were divided on the earnings.

Just Eat was lagging some way behind those two as she made just £5.07 from those deliveries, and on top of that she didn't get any tip money from anyone.

All in all her earnings for that time came to £48.29, not counting cost of fuel or any other expenses, and the comments started debating whether that was a good or bad amount.

One person knocked £8.20 off for an estimated cost of petrol and worked out that it came out to about £15 an hour, saying she 'can't complain'.

However, others disputed their assessment, saying it was 'crap when you aren't considering car maintenance costs' and another describing it as 'terrible' because being self employed that money wouldn't be going into a pension and there'd be no paid holidays.

£48.29 for nearly three hours of work, is that a good amount or not enough?

Someone else agreed that it was 'absolute terrible money when using your own car'.

More wondered whether Brits had some work to do on the tipping front as people wondered 'how are the tips zero'.

Atlanta once embarked on a 24-hour delivery shift where she travelled 220 miles.

They were promptly told that because delivery charges had increased quite a lot in recent years many didn't think they should need to tip as they were 'paying delivery and service fees already' along with 'bumped up prices'.

Others pointed out that the woman 'gotta pay tax on top' of her earnings, so that £48.29 soon looks a lot smaller than it initially appears.

Martin has said she can earn around £1,000 a week on the delivery apps, having quit her previous job as a flight dispatcher to work 11-hour days on the road as a delivery driver.

She once tried a 24 hour delivery shift alongside her boyfriend where they made £330.16 in total, having completed 77 deliveries and driven 220 miles.

Oddly enough she found that the busiest time of night for deliveries had actually been 'between about midnight and 5am'.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/atlantadelivers/Instagram/atlantadelivers

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