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'Killer clown' stalking Scottish village sends warning to locals in creepy interview

'Killer clown' stalking Scottish village sends warning to locals in creepy interview

The 'Skelmorlie Clown' gave an interview to This Morning explaining the reason behind his 'games'

One of the presenters of This Morning managed to bag an interview with the Scottish ‘killer clown’ that has been terrifying locals.

Here’s a clip from that interview:

As you can see, the clown – who, for the record, hasn’t actually killed anyone – is styled as Pennywise from It, wearing the classic evil clown get-up and generally looking pretty scary.

Well, either pretty scary or pretty daft, depending on your outlook.

The clown has been spotted recently in the village of Skelmorlie in North Ayrshire, wandering around with a red balloon, which is – again – a trick straight out of the Pennywise playbook.

The clown even has a Facebook page where he is called Cole Deimos, because – as fans of Greek mythology will know – Deimos is the very personification of fear and dread.

Clever, you have to admit.

Here's the Skelmorlie Clown.
Facebook/Cole Deimos

In recent times, the clown has posted a ‘message to the media’ with a heavily altered voice, although the Scottish accent is still firmly in place.

In that video, he addressed reports that the police have been informed about him, stating ‘do you think that I care?’

“They’d have to catch me first anyway, and yes, that’s a dare,” the clown continued.

“You called me killer clown, why don’t you leave the jokes to me?

“The only thing that’s dying is your credibility.”

Now, in a bizarre segment on This Morning, the clown has spoken again.

Cole Deimos said: “Everyone from India to the US of A wants to know the clown’s identity,

“But what is a game without someone to play – [This Morning presenter] Alison Hammond, what do you say?”

It's not clear why he's taken aim at Hammond there, but then, we're dealing with someone who dresses up as a clown and wanders around the Ayrshire coast, so we're perhaps not dealing with the most rational person of all time.

Addressing Alison, he said: “Does it help you sleep better at night telling yourself I’m just here to fright?

The clown explained his 'games' to the This Morning presenter.

“The only mask that I can see is the one you wear when you say you don’t fear me.”

The presenter asked: “What do you feel about all of the attention you have got? Do you think it’s ever going to stop”

He responded: “Were you not listening?

“I told you before, this is about fun and nothing more.

“I come up with games with a frightening theme, usually something to do with Halloween.

“Then the village must unite to solve all the clues, before their time runs out which would mean that they lose.”

So, what happens then?

“When the games first began, a loss meant I stay, so they’d have to complete them for me to go away.”

Basically, if you solve the riddles, you get rid of the clown, it seems.

However, the strange character warned: “But as I went on, they all started to see, these games brought excitement and mystery.

“So now when they lose, it’s over and done, no more games, and no more fun.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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