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People realising England is ‘miserable’ after seeing prices to hire deckchair at park

People realising England is ‘miserable’ after seeing prices to hire deckchair at park

Paying to use deckchairs in a park is making people feel miserable

There are certainly some reasons to feel miserable right about now as it seems there's going to be no more basking in the sunshine for the rest of the year, though you never know with climate change.

It was uncomfortably hot in September but now we've hit October, it's probably going to be nothing but grey skies and drizzling downpours of rain for the next few months.

Still, you do what you can with the remaining patches of clear skies and bright light which we'll get for the rest of the calendar.

Maybe that's why people are getting dismayed at a viral tweet which branded England 'miserable' as it showed a deckchair in a park complete with a price list stitched into the fabric.

I don't think I'd want to pay to sit in a deckchair...
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If you've ever been to a big park, then chances are you'll have come across an area with some deckchairs laid out for people to have a nice sit down.

To sit in the sunshine surrounded by a nice bit of greenery is a joy, seeing that you've got to pay actual cash money just to have a sit down is very much not.

But in this particular park, if you wanted to park your bottom down in the deckchair for an hour it'd be three quid, and then it's another quid for each hour after that.

Hiring a deckchair for the entire day, and on that note I do wonder exactly who would be spending an entire day sat in a deckchair, would cost you £11.

If you're an OAP or disabled then the company renting out the deckchairs are willing to knock 50p off the two hour price in an act of stunning generosity, or a whole British pound off the four hour price.

For some reason this place even has a season ticket which will set you back £150, which I assume is a great deal for those who want to spend their time between March and October sat in a deckchair and not moving.

This deckchair will cost you!

Naturally, this picture has prompted huge ridicule on social media, with lots pointing out that for such prices they could just buy their own deckchair and bring it to the park.

Obviously this has happened in London, England's capital city and home to almost nine million people who spend their days thinking 'how f**king much' at the price of basically everything.

Tell people in most of England there's a price to sit down on a deckchair and the chair is not going to be the thing which gets decked, but say it's London and they'll understand.

Some people coined the new insult 'yer fella pays 150 quid for a deck chair season ticket', which frankly does sound pretty devastating.

Someone else joked: "If you're still sat in them past your allotted time they just snap shut on you."

LADbible have contacted Park Deckchairs for comment.

Featured Image Credit: X/@maybeitspierre / Getty Stock Images

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