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EasyJet passenger filmed destroying own luggage to meet airline requirements

Kit Roberts

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Anyone who has flown with one of the budget airlines will be familiar with the draconian measures around the size of your luggage.

There are any number of videos online showing people taking extreme measures to make sure they can take their hand luggage into the cabin and avoid the fees to put it in the hold.

But one passenger took things to an even greater extent when his bag would not fit into the box.

He snapped off the handle to get it to fit. Credit: Kennedy
He snapped off the handle to get it to fit. Credit: Kennedy

What would you do if your bag didn't fit? You'd try again of course, maybe try adjusting the angle, push a bit harder.

But if it became clear that no matter how many weird angles you tried or how hard you pushed that there's no way it would fit, eventually you'd just have to admit defeat and swallow the hold fee.

Not this man though, oh no.

This man decided that rather than pay for the hold he would just pull chunks off his bag, destroying it until it fit into the box and so could be carried into the cabin. That's commitment right there.


A video shows the determined passenger forcefully pulling off the section of the bag which has the handle to pull it along. While the body of the bag was small enough to fit, this element was holding it back, so it had to go.

Kimberly Standen, 29, managed to get the whole thing on video.

Success! Credit: Kennedy
Success! Credit: Kennedy

Kimberly, from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, East Anglia, said: "I don't think there had been any confrontation before this point [with him and an EasyJet representative].


"We were in the queue to board and I assume he hadn't paid for a large cabin bag so the bag needed to fit under his seat [as it was the free option].

"He was bashing the bag on the floor trying to snap off the wheels.

"I only managed to film the end of it but before this he had been kicking it, throwing it about, smashing the wheels on the floor and because airports have stone floors the noise just echoes.

"He did this for at least 10 or 15 minutes.


"Everyone was really pleased that he managed to get the bag in [the small cabin measurer].

"Some people cheered and a lot of people were laughing and were flabbergasted at what they witnessed."

The real question though is whether it would really be more expensive to pay the check-in fee than to buy a new bag. Maybe it was just the principle of the thing.

An easyJet spokesperson said: "Customers' cabin bags must be within the maximum dimensions to safely and securely fit where they need to be stowed in the cabin.


"We clearly inform customers of maximum cabin bag dimensions when booking, via email before they travel and it is also clearly displayed on boarding passes."

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Kit Roberts
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