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Man gets perfect revenge after £300 coat is ‘stolen’ from bar

Man gets perfect revenge after £300 coat is ‘stolen’ from bar

He'd had a few coats nicked and was sick of losing them

A bloke who was sick of his coats being stolen on nights out decided he'd have a plan for the next time it happened.

Manchester lad Ben Gransmore claimed he was in the nightclub Mojo last Saturday (2 March) when his £300 North Face coat disappeared.

It would seem like Ben was staring at a streak of bad luck since he said he'd already had three coats stolen on nights out before, but this time he'd come prepared.

He'd stuck an AirTag inside his coat, meaning that when it went missing he was able to track it down the next day.

The 29-year-old was able to follow his AirTag to an address in Wigan and formed his own dynamic duo with mate Henry Jones, though sadly it seems as though they missed the chance to dress up as Batman and Robin and actually solve a crime.

Though just to be a downer for a second the police do tend to frown on actual vigilantes, so maybe it was for the best.

Henry and Ben, who got his coat back after all.
MEN Media

Hopping in the Benmobile, he headed off on the hunt for his AirTag, and the coat it was presumably still stashed inside, posting the results to TikTok.

Remembering the night his coat went missing, Ben told the Manchester Evening News: "We were about to go home and I went to go and get my coat which was on top of a chair with my friends’ coats and it wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

"I went up to the bar and asked the staff to check for it and they were very helpful and tried to find it but couldn’t.

"I could see on the AirTag it was inside so someone must have been wearing it."

The next morning he checked on his AirTag's location and decided against calling the police as he and Henry instead set off for Wigan to retrieve his coat.

The dynamic duo showed up at a home and claimed they could hear the sound of his AirTag's alarm inside, but nobody would answer the door to them.

They went door to door but nobody was answering them on the Sunday morning, but then they finally managed to come face to face with the culprit.

"We then banged on the door as much as we could and no one was answering, the TV went off," Henry said of their investigation coming to fruition.

"So they were playing a bit, being a bit kind of shady. Then we stood outside. I rang the doorbell and then finally I saw a little face in the window.

"They then came down and said: 'Um you alright? Everything alright?', I said: ‘You’ve got a coat in there can I have it back? Because you were out at Mojo in Manchester last night with this geezer,' and she just threw it outside and said they were hammered. So that’s it really, we got it back."

Not a bad day's crime solving truth be told...
MEN Media

Ben said: "Life lesson learnt. Don’t ever put your coat down when you go out in Manchester because you get people like that who just take them and that is why I AirTag my coats."

So there you go, if you keep getting your coat nicked an AirTag might help you figure out where it's gone and whomever took it might throw it out of a window for you.

Plenty of people told Ben they appreciated his detective work as his videos have gone viral.

Commenting on the viral videos, Ben said: "It’s blown up. I've had friends message me and even my manager seeing it."

People have said his technological tagging of his coat was 'so smart I’m jealous I didn’t think of this myself'.

Featured Image Credit: MEN Media

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