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British man dies after eating a single mouthful of takeaway chicken curry

British man dies after eating a single mouthful of takeaway chicken curry

He had eaten the dish before but died after one bite

A British man with an allergy to nuts and almonds died seven days after he ate a mouthful of takeaway curry.

The family of Manchester man Joseph Higginson told an inquest he'd been able to tolerate almonds before and had eaten the dish in the past.

On 28 December 2022, Higginson ordered a takeaway from Indian restaurant Mala in Holcombe and ordered a butter chicken dish for himself.

Rochdale Coroner's Court heard that the takeaway had 'clearly indicated' that the dish contained almonds and made the allergy information clear.

During their investigation Greater Manchester Police found no fault or cause for concern on the part of the restaurant Mala.

The 27-year-old mechanic had months earlier learned he was allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, almonds and coconuts and had been 'told to avoid nuts'.

The inquest heard that Joseph ate his starter and then had one mouthful of his chicken curry when he suddenly stood up, rushed to the kitchen sink and then went upstairs.

Joseph Higginson died after eating one mouthful of his curry.
MEN Media

His sister administered his EpiPen to his thigh but he collapsed, his family placed him in the recovery position and performed CPR as well as dialling 999, resulting in Joseph being rushed to Royal Bolton Hospital, where he sadly died on 4 January, 2023.

The inquest heard that one cause of death had been given as acute anaphylaxis, and pathologist Dr Philip Lumb said the 27-year-old had suffered an 'immediate allergic reaction' due to eating the first mouthful of curry, with almonds named as the 'most likely trigger'.

Coroner Julie Mitchell came to the conclusion of 'misadventure', and commended Higginson's family for their efforts to save his life, telling them they couldn't have done more.

Joseph's sister Emily said he'd been hospitalised in April 2022 but didn't always take his allergies seriously.

A court heard that Higginson knew he was allergic to almonds, and that the dish clearly stated it contained them, but he had eaten it before.
MEN Media

"People with allergies should always take the situation seriously," she said after the inquest as she thanked those who provided medical care to her brother.

"It is not something that can be taken for granted - the severity can change throughout a person's lifetime."

Emily then spoke of knowing that her brother had donated his organs, meaning there are people alive now because of his decision to do so.

She said: "He has donated his heart as per his wishes and a kidney. We know they are alive and well and that the transplants were successful.

"He was cheeky and enjoyed a night out. He liked the good things. He has a lovely group of friends who have been amazing and supportive. We want to thank them and all those involved in Joe's care."

Since her brother's death, Emily and the rest of the family have raised money to fund defibrillators in the area and for the charity Anaphylaxis UK.

Mala declined to comment.

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