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Millionaire dad says he's limited Christmas spending to £2.8m as Britain is 'feeling the pinch'

Millionaire dad says he's limited Christmas spending to £2.8m as Britain is 'feeling the pinch'

The 'Rich House, Poor House' star is having a low key Christmas

A millionaire who says he knows the UK is 'feeling the pinch' right now has said he'll be limiting his spending this Christmas.

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, who you might have seen on Rich House, Poor House, has said he's going to tone down the spending this festive season.

While most households aren't going to be spending anywhere near £2.8 million at Christmas, Drewitt-Barlow did rack up around £4 million in spending on presents last time around including a £2.5 million luxury yacht for his newborn son.

Last year he said that the cost of living crisis 'only boosts my fortune' and that while he did 'feel' for them he thought people should 'work harder'.

Barrie and ex partner Tony became Britain's first gay dads and the millionaire has since gone on to have eight children via surrogacy.

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow has said he'll be limiting his spending this Christmas.

According to The Sun he's decided that this year's Christmas will involve less spending than last time as everyone was 'feeling the pinch'.

He said: "I know the whole country is feeling the pinch this year.

“I see and hear of people losing their jobs and homes, but it has been a super record year for me and our businesses this year - so I plan to celebrate!

"I've limited Christmas this year to no more than £2.8million but will make it extra special."

He's already spent some of that budget on an early Christmas gift for his new partner Scott, who used to be his daughter's boyfriend, in the form of a £195,000 Audi.

Last year he spent £4 million on Christmas, this year he's recognising that times are tough and toning it down to £2.8 million.
Instagram / @donbarrie1

One of his sons is getting a Rolex and a G-Wagon worth more than £300,000, while the rest of his children are also getting expensive gifts.

There's also a £1.8 million flat in Bangkok for the wife of one of his children, while they have their festive plans all laid out.

The millionaire said they would be going to their beach house in Miami where they would be looked after by a team of chefs and waiters.

Drewitt-Barlow said that across his seven homes he has a staff of around 150 people working for him, including 23 maids who mean he hasn't had to clean his houses since 1999.

It's not just his children who have been in line for expensive gifts, as his granddaughter was gifted a £1 million house and a £5 million trust fund just a couple of days after she was born.

So that's his Christmas, will you also be cutting costs this year?

Featured Image Credit: @donbarrie/Instagram

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