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Brits given one week warning ahead of new speed limit law that will 'change how we drive'

Brits given one week warning ahead of new speed limit law that will 'change how we drive'

Experts reckon the new law can help save lives

Yeah sure, you passed your driving theory years ago with flying colours. But are you really as road smart as you think?

There’s plenty of things Brits seem to get caught out by while they’re driving, from incorrectly attaching their flag for the Euros to going along with the '10 percent rule’ myth.

And so, for those not quite up to date, Brits are getting a one-week warning ahead of the new speed limit law that will ‘change how we drive’.

A new EU law means that all new cars made in Europe will have to have speed limiters fitted to them. I know, I know, the UK is no longer a part of the EU.

But many of the cars we Brits buy and drive are made there so the rule is going to have quite an impact on anyone looking to buy a new car very soon.

It's all about limiting speed. (Getty Stock)
It's all about limiting speed. (Getty Stock)

The law comes into effect on 7 July and experts reckon the use of these new Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems ‘significantly reduce the risk of penalties’.

ISA uses speed sign recognition cameras and/or GPS-linked speed limit data to advise drivers of the speed limit as well as warning them if they’re going over it.

The more effective systems will then automatically limit the car’s speed. In 2019, the EU agreed to make an overridable version of ISA which would be mandatory on new models of cars sold from July 2022 and on all new cars sold from this July.

"The new rules, set to take effect in July, introduce 'mandatory' speed limiters, changing how we drive on roads. These Intelligent Speed Assistance systems will become standard, forcing drivers to stick to speed limits automatically,” said a spokesperson for Motor Match.

The law kicks in next week. (Getty Stock)
The law kicks in next week. (Getty Stock)

They add: "For instance, ISA technology would limit you to a maximum of 70mph, as this is the national speed limit. It's important to note that while speed limiters are already present in many cars, the upcoming regulations tighten control.

"The new Intelligent Speed Assistance systems not only prevent speeding fines and contribute to fuel savings, but also significantly reduce the risk of penalties. The minimum penalty for speeding currently includes a £100 fine and three penalty points on your licence.

"With ISA technology, the likelihood of accumulating penalty points, and the risk of being disqualified from driving for gathering 12 or more points within three years, is greatly reduced.

"This technology could lead to a drastic change in road safety, fostering a more controlled driving environment where speed limits are adhered to, thus reducing accidents significantly."

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