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Northern Lights to be visible from the UK tonight

Northern Lights to be visible from the UK tonight

Many Brits will have the chance to see the Northern Lights tonight

If you've no extra plans for tonight then it's a good chance to trek outside and see if you can spot the Northern Lights, otherwise known as Aurora Borealis.

Normally they're only really clear in the northernmost points of the UK, otherwise known as Scotland, but tonight (4 December) you'll have the chance to see them a bit further down south.

We've been in for a bit of a treat recently as far as spotting the Northern Lights goes as there's been a few chances to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon.

As for what they actually are, they're caused by something called a 'coronal mass ejection' where a large expulsion of the sun's plasma leads particles to collide with our planet's atmosphere and creates the wondrous light show.

While Scandinavia offers the best views for the Northern Lights, it's considered unlucky to actually try and hunt them down, and there are a few popular spots in the UK where Aurora Borealis can come to you.

Scotland is the best place to spot the Northern Lights, but other parts of the UK can see them tonight (4 December).
Luca Quadrio/Getty Images

According to the Daily Mail, the Met Office says that this time they could be visible as far south as Newcastle, so it's good news for any stargazing Geordies out there.

Of course, you'll need to give yourself the best possible chance so the further north in the UK you are, the better.

That normally means Scotland gets all the fun, though tonight Northern Ireland and parts of the north of England can join in spotting the phenomenon.

You will need clear skies and somewhere away from light pollution to get the best view of things.

Basically, somewhere remote where you can have a clear view facing north is going to be the ideal spot.

The Met Office says the Northern Lights will be visible from Newcastle up tonight.
Westend61/Getty Images

Since it's become so darn chilly in recent weeks you'll want to wrap up warm and bring something hot to drink.

The best times of year to spot the Northern Lights tend to be between the Equinox and Solstice, though they can show up at other times of the year depending on solar activity.

Fortunately for the amateur stargazer you don't need any specialist equipment for spotting the Northern Lights, if you've got clear skies and a good view they'll be easily spottable by the naked eye.

Anyone in Newcastle or north of it could take their chance tonight, though it's always wise to check the weather and make sure you didn't venture outside in the freezing cold to stare at the clouds on a dark night.

LADbible has contacted the Met Office for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Marc_Hilton/Getty Julian Elliot Photography/Getty

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