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Restaurant exposes influencer and tell her to ‘get the f**k out’ after she asked to pay with ‘exposure’

Restaurant exposes influencer and tell her to ‘get the f**k out’ after she asked to pay with ‘exposure’

The Manchester restaurant made it clear it doesn't suffer fools gladly

Imagine the lovely server who has been slogging their guts out all night bringing over the bill at a restaurant, only for you to bypass the card machine and instead offer to share an Instagram post in lieu of payment. It just doesn't fly, does it?

Although online promotion can work wonders for a business, it doesn't exactly pay the bills or keep the lights on - and one eatery has had it up to here with influencers trying to bag a free meal in exchange for posting a few pictures.

Manchester hotspot Lucky Ramen and Sushi, situated in Ancoats, revealed how it had become embroiled in a food-related fight with an unnamed social media creator - who it sarcastically dubbed a 'blue tick superstar'.

Lucky Ramen and Sushi hilariously exposed an influencer asking for two free meals.

The restaurant explained that it had received an Instagram DM from the influencer asking to 'collab' - meaning she wanted to receive a complimentary brunch in exchange for a 'post on their story and page'. How lucky is Lucky Ramen?

Stunned staff at the eatery shared the post online, saying that although they were 'thrilled she appreciates our food', the team 'appreciate paying customers even more'.

But the unknown influencer wasn't too happy about Lucky Ramen giving her a public dressing down, despite the fact the eatery didn't reveal her identity - although plenty of people encouraged it too.

The eatery didn't reveal her identity.

So she ended up firing back with an even more audacious message after her offer to promote their food to her followers was turned down, saying it was 'bang out of order' and that the restaurant's 'arrogance makes her sick'.

Part of it read: "HOW DARE YOU try and expose us like that??? So you think people like us don't deserve to eat for FREE??? Just in case you didn't realise, we are doing our best to help and promote you for FREEE!!!"

Which leads me to believe this particular social media star doesn't grasp the concept that it would still cost the restaurant a few quid to feed her and her partner... so her services aren't exactly 'free'.

Lucky Ramen seemed to take the same stance, as it shared another scathing response to the woman - who it dubbed 'angry influencer' - in a lengthy Instagram post with a mock apology for 'trying to make a living and s**t'.

The Manchester restaurant shared the woman's shocking messages online.

The dining spot joked that her follow-up message 'deserves more than a standing ovation' and was 'a total game-changer', adding: "We’re now rolling out the red carpet for all the free meals you desire."

It continued: "And that’s not all - our chefs are ready to part ways with their Crocs and Birkenstocks, throwing them in as an extra bonus for your tender love and labour! Even my dad’s medal of honour from the Japan war is up for grabs - he’s feeling generous the old geezer, and he’s even contemplating wheeling in his new eco-friendly hybrid wheelchair for you!

"Just hit us up with another DM, let us know when you’re swinging by to collect your well-deserved goodies, and don’t forget to leave a glowing 5-star review on both Google and TripAdvisor.

"We appreciate your understanding and, once again, sorry for the 'inconvenience' we caused. Bon appétit + Arigato-the-f**k-outta-here. Team LÜCKY (unfluencer + no blue tick)." Touché.

The social media creator hit back with an even more outrageous response.

Social media users threw their support behind Lucky Ramen in the comments and praised the eatery for its comedic approach to the influencer saga.

One said: "Honey, they are booked. They don’t need your exposure. We are all queuing for tables. Gladly."

Another wrote: "I liked Lucky Ramen for the sushi but now I like them for the DRAMA."

A third added: "Expose them. They don’t deserve a following with this type of attitude."

A fourth commented: "As someone who manages influencers and celebrities, I’ve got to say this behaviour is appalling!"

And a fifth joked: "Hey, was wondering if I can come in for a free meal. In return I will eat your food."

The restaurant went on to thank people for their 'kindness and hundreds of DMs', before insisting it wasn't 'equipped for the whole name and shame gig'... unless the influencer had anything else to get off her chest.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/lucky_ramenandsushi

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