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Safest place to be in the UK if World War 3 breaks out can only hold 90 people

Safest place to be in the UK if World War 3 breaks out can only hold 90 people

The safest place to be in Britain if World War 3 breaks out has even revealed.

The safest place to be in the UK if World War III happens (which we pray doesn't) can only hold 90 people.

Coming off the back of Covid, we really can't be a**ed with WWIII right now.

Being locked up behind closed doors for so long made a lot of us realise how much we crave freedom - and the idea of a fully fledged world war breaking out is just not the one.

Seriously though, a third World War unfortunately could be a real possibility and the likes of Dr David Wearing - a lecturer in international relations at the University of Sussex - has warned that 'nuclear risk should be taken seriously'.

We're hoping World War III won't be a possibility...
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"In one sense the situation now is far more perilous than it was in 1914 and 1939 because the major powers all have nuclear weapons," he told Sky News.

"The danger here is not that one side takes the premeditated decision to spark the apocalypse, but rather that a conflict or area of tension escalates to a certain point, one party makes a move that another party misinterprets, and then a nuclear exchange begins despite the fact that no-one was looking for one.

"We should take that risk very seriously, especially over Ukraine and Taiwan."

"The regional war in the Middle East, with its epicentre in Gaza, is unlikely to escalate into a World War. Currently it's not a flashpoint between the major world powers," he explained.

"But the dangers are real enough, both of a genocide in Gaza (as a large body of expert opinion now fears) and of a further escalation that draws in Iran, flares into the oil heartlands of the Persian Gulf, and knocks the world economy off its axis.

"The US has repeatedly warned of conflict escalation in the Middle East, and yet repeatedly acted in ways that have now made that outcome a reality (supported throughout by the UK).

"It is widely understood by now that de-escalation requires that the US pulls the plug on Israel's assault on Gaza.

"The futile and dangerous military action against the Houthis is a reflection of Washington's refusal to accept that reality."

The safest place to be in Britain if World War 3 breaks out has even revealed.

Now, if you want a chance of short term survival, you best work for the BBC, as 90 of its staff will reportedly be heading to a tunnel network in the Worcestershire forest.

Above ground it's easily missable as the only things you can see is a small radio mast and a security banner.

But Wood Norton was purchased by the BBC at the start of WWII and it was to act as a hidden base in the event a crisis in London.

When the war was over, Wood Norton became the BBC's engineering training centre.

Although the area continues to be used as a training base for sound engineers and technical staff, the BBC said via 2016 documents that the base would be used in the event of a serious attack on the UK.

According to reports, the facility will only be able to hold 90 BBC staff, including 12 news editors and sub-editors.

So yeah, we would all be doomed.

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