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Incredible moment sheepdog saves ewes who were cut off by floodwater from Storm Babet

Incredible moment sheepdog saves ewes who were cut off by floodwater from Storm Babet

Patsy the dog leapt into the flooded paddock and made sure the sheep were okay.

A sheepdog has gone above and beyond to save three ewes who were cut off from the rest of the pack during Storm Babet.

The weather event has wreaked havoc on parts of the UK and caused many areas to flood.

Llyr Derwydd, a farmer from near Ruthin in Wales, wanted to make sure his sheep were okay as the storm started to take hold.

“We thought we’d better go check, make sure all the sheep are safe, and that’s when we saw the three ewes stranded on this little spot on the field," he said.

Llyr Derwydd

“It was getting smaller and smaller so we thought we’d better get them off and make sure they’re safe.

“I just thought, ‘I’ll see if the dog will go’. I gave her the command and she swam across."

Patsy the dog jumped straight into the flooded water without a second's thought.

Footage obtained by Llyr shows how the pooch managed to get to the other side and round up the ewes.

Patsy got the sheep into a nearby clearing and Llyr was able to relax knowing everything was fine.

“It was quite dangerous because I didn’t know how deep it was. She’s a strong swimmer and she was able to swim across," he said.

“I knew she was quite a good swimmer otherwise I wouldn’t have done that, but I was quite surprised that she didn’t have any issues, she just went.

Llyr Derwydd

“[It] saved me getting wet and getting into a dangerous situation and saved the sheep so it was perfect.”

While some people suggested Patsy get a steak dinner to say thank you for her hard work, Llyr says she'll get a pat on the head and maybe an extra biscuit.

Storm Babet has been particularly bad for people in Scotland and there had been fears river levels could reach an ‘unprecedented’ five metres above normal levels.

A 200-year-old bridge on the Rottal Estate in Angus was washed away by torrential flood water, while a road connecting Marykirk, Angus, where some houses were evacuated also collapsed.

The village of Edzell, Angus, was cut off by flood water from three rivers which surround it, but most of the surface water drained away, leaving residents fearful of more rain forecast overnight.

And nearly 30,000 customers lost power but were mostly reconnected on Friday night.

Several people across the UK have been killed by the devastating storm.

Featured Image Credit: Llyr Derwydd

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