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Restaurant hits out at diners who ‘fled’ after racking up £490 lunch bill

Restaurant hits out at diners who ‘fled’ after racking up £490 lunch bill

The table tucked into lobster, oysters and chicken liver pate

A restaurant has urged a group of customers to ‘come back and pay your bill’ after they dined on almost £500 worth of food before driving off ‘as fast as they could’.

In recent times, numerous restaurants have taken to social media to try and identify customers who have done a dine and dash.

Stubbs Restaurant, in Ashford, Kent, shared photos of a group of seven diners it says racked up a £489.90 bill before rushing off without paying.

The group tucked into three lobster thermidor dishes (costing a whopping £144) as well as a dozen oysters, calamari and chicken liver pate, all washed down with wine and a couple of pints.

Sharing a shot of the customers as well as the bill for their meal, the restaurant said: “Please come back and pay your bill!

The bill the customers ran up.
Facebook/Stubbs Restaurants

“We are a private restaurant and will not survive with you doing this to us.

"You ate all of your meal and we gave you fabulous service… yet you drove off, as fast as you could, without paying.”

The post has since been flooded with messages of support for the restaurant, with several social media users demanding anyone who knows the group to ‘name and shame’ them.

One person wrote: “So sorry they have done this. We were eating just round the corner from them. Wondered why the waitress was looking at us, she was probably afraid we would leave too.”

Another said: “The impact this has on not just the owners but staff, this isn’t a big faceless chain, which is bad enough these are real people’s livelihoods.”

While a third commented: “Despicable behaviour! It makes me SO angry when people assume you can afford it when you own a business! Hope this lot of thieves get caught and charged.”

The table of seven drove off ‘as fast they could’ according to the restaurant.
Facebook/Stubbs Restaurant

Others suggested that the restaurant could take diners card details or a deposit before customers are given their food.

“I’m so sorry this has happened to you guys, Stubbs Restaurants! Your food and service is spot on. I would be happy to pay a deposit when booking if needed or pay at the time of ordering,” one happy customer said.

A second said: “Love your restaurant, food and service are always so good. We booked a table in London this weekend and had to give card details at time of booking and were told £80 would be debited from the card if we were a no show.

"Not offended at all as I understand the reasoning behind it.”

LADbible has contacted Stubbs Restaurant for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: stubbsrestaurant/facebook

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