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Police want to install railings around tombstones to prevent people having sex on them

Police want to install railings around tombstones to prevent people having sex on them

Authorities have noticed tombstones are being used like 'tables' to consume drugs.

Police have suggested railings be installed around tombstones to prevent people from having sex on them in one particular area.

Yes, really.

While the thought of roaming a plot of land late at night that has hundreds of people buried six feet under ground might send shivers down the spines of some people, it gets others in the mood, according to the BBC.

However, authorities believe they might have come up with an idea to smack that down once and for all.

Ipswich Borough Council heard from stakeholders about a plan to redevelop land around St Stephen's Church.

The church is being transformed into a live music venue, however there are tombstones around it and it seems to be attracting all sorts of anti-social behaviour.

The Suffolk Constabulary made a submission to the council about how the area 'suffered high levels of crime' like 'drinking, drug-taking' and 'sexual activity'.

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Why anyone would want to get off while surrounded by dead people is anyone's guess.

Police said in its submission: "In publicly accessible but secluded locations such as this, it is sadly common to find raised tombstones being used as tables to consume alcohol and drugs.

"They are also sometimes the site of sexual activity.

They added: "In a religious setting, this anti-social behaviour is particularly disrespectful. It is more likely that this will occur in the area at the back of the church when the protective railings are removed."

However, there is a solution to the madness.

They reckon some railings around the tombstones will be one deterrent to people getting frisky or high.

Police have also recommended CCTV cameras, better lighting so these people can't enjoy their thrills in darkness, and removable seating.

A spokesman for the force said (via BBC News): "Suffolk Constabulary works to make our streets safer, reduce crime and promote safety for local residents, customers and businesses.

"The role of our Design Out Crime officers is to offer crime prevention advice that can be taken into consideration within areas for development."

Ipswich Borough Council explained to Insider in a statement: "This is a live planning application, therefore comments will be considered before a determination is made."

Featured Image Credit: Douglas Sacha/Getty Images. Andrew Fox/Getty Images

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