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Teacher who won £2 million on lottery stayed for two years to get kids GCSEs

Teacher who won £2 million on lottery stayed for two years to get kids GCSEs

He explained exactly why he stayed in the same job

A British teacher who won £2 million on the lottery stayed for two years to get kids GCSEs.

Mike Law, 52 from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire hit the jackpot on The National Lottery back in October 2021 after being a dedicated educator for two whole decades.

After winning the staggering fortune, Mike made the virtuous decision to only start his new chapter - following the life-changing win - after he finished teaching his GCSE students who took their exams this year. Have a look:

Talking about his decision, Mike explained: "I know plenty of people dream of winning the lottery and handing in their notice, but I was very conscious of my responsibility to my students, many of whom I had taught and known for many years.

"I wanted to be with them on their journey, see them through their coursework, and make sure they were ready for their exams."

He went on: "Am I going to miss teaching? Of course. I have been a teacher for 23 years – it’s part of you. It’s not a job but a vocation and I have always had a passion for the subjects that I taught."

Talking about his love of history, Mike admitted: "I didn’t read much at school, I wasn’t a very good pupil. Then my teacher gave me a book about the mediaeval site of Sutton Hoo, and I have been hooked on history ever since.

The teacher was very 'conscious of [his] responsibility' after winning the lottery.

"I’ve always had a passion for writing and, together with a love of all things Roman Britain, I just thought I had to take that leap as I’m still young enough to do it."

And now, after two hardworking years, Mike will no longer be returning to the classroom, instead following his passion to write historical adventure novels with hopes to get his stories published one day.

"The win has been a catalyst to have another go," he said.

The now ex-arts and photography teacher said, "How many people have wanted to change careers but found themselves in a rut and unable to take a leap of faith"

The lottery win was a 'catalyst' for Mike to finally pursue his dreams as an author.

"To me, winning The National Lottery isn’t about fast cars and speed boats, it’s about opportunity and making memories. I have been given this chance and I’m very lucky to be able to have a go at making a long-standing passion, my job."

After having been through 'a tough few years', Mike and his family including wife, 45-year-old Andrea, and their two sons are now enjoying all the things the 'unexpected opportunity' brought to them.

Andrea explained: "We are very much the same, normal family. We no longer have the worry of a mortgage, which is a huge relief, but we want to remain grounded.

Mike and his family's lives have been forever changed following the 'beauty of winning'.

"Yes, we have had a few treats, we’ve been on a trip to Lapland, a dream of mine since we had the boys, but not a great deal more.

"The plan was to use the winnings to improve the quality of our lives, make memories and provide for our kids, and Mike changing his career is the first piece of that jigsaw."

Commenting on the 'beauty of winning', Mike revealed: "It has given me the freedom to have a go and totally immerse myself in something I enjoy, I am deeply grateful for that opportunity."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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