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Tesco issues urgent recall of one of its most popular foods over fears of contamination

Tesco issues urgent recall of one of its most popular foods over fears of contamination

The supermarket giant have warned shoppers not to eat one of it's popular products due to contamination fears.

If you've just done your weekly shop, you may want to double check the contents of it.

Tesco has issued an urgent recall for one of it's popular own-brand products due to fears of potential contamination.

Loads of Brits love to stuff items from the 'Growers Harvest' range in their trolleys, as they are generally much cheaper than branded rivals.

So, the supermarket giant is rushing to warn customers that they should not eat one of the items on their shopping list.

Tesco have been forced to recall its discount frozen peas due to possible contamination with an 'unknown type of berry'.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) announced on Sunday (26 November) that the Growers Harvest Garden Peas may now be 'unsafe to eat' due to coming into contact with the mystery produce.

Customers have been urged to return the item to their local store where they purchased the peas to receive a full refund.

Tesco said 'various batches' of the 900g bags of frozen peas with 2025 expiry dates could have been tainted.

The FSA, who regulate food safety in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, told people they should not eat the 99p product.


Food safety officials said: "Tesco is recalling the above product. If you have bought any of the above product do not eat it.

"Instead, return it to the store from where it was bought for a full refund."

The supermarket echoed the agency's comments while explaining the 'foreign body contamination' to shoppers.

Tesco said: "Please do not consume this product and return it to store where a full refund will be given. No receipt is required. Tesco apologises to our customers for any inconvenience caused."

It is feared that eating the contaminated garden peas could cause serious health risks for those with allergies or intolerances.

The retailer has told stores to pull the potentially affected batches from sale and to display recall notices in branches until 27 December.

The dates and batch codes on the Growers Harvest Garden Peas weighing 900g will indicate if they are involved in the urgent recall.

Shoppers should return the product to a store to receive a full refund.
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The dates and batch codes are as follows:

  • January 2025: Batch codes 23196, 23197, 23198, 23199, 23200
  • February 2025: Batch codes 23237, 23238, 23239, 23240
  • March 2025: Batch codes 23256, 23257, 23258, 23259, 23260, 23261
  • April 2025: Batch codes 23275, 23276, 23277

Anyone who would like further information about the product recall can contact Tesco's Customer Services directly on 0800 505 555.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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