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People question how ‘f***ed up’ advert with horrific plot twist was ever allowed to air in UK

People question how ‘f***ed up’ advert with horrific plot twist was ever allowed to air in UK

The ad apparently increased seatbelt usage by 23 percent

A 1998 road safety advert which apparently led to a 23 percent increase in the use of seatbelts is still haunting people to this day, with many wondering how it was ever allowed to air.

Get ready for some nightmare-fuel and watch below:

We all have some pretty traumatic childhood memories of road safety ads.

Some were cute (the hedgehogs), some were not (the boy who broke his leg in multiple places because he didn't look both ways).

THINK! has been the UK government's official road safety campaign since 2000 and has been the mastermind behind giving kids nightmares with the aim of making them take more care around roads.

One graphic road safety ad increased seatbelt usage by 23 percent.
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They state on their website that they are recognised for their 'iconic' and 'ground-breaking' campaigns that aim to cut down on dangerous behaviour on British roads.

In the decade from their conception, they claim road deaths across the country reduced by 46 percent - so they must be doing something right.

They didn't manage that by playing nice, and some of their ads were seriously horrifying.

One particular campaign has been described as, in the words of Shakespeare, 'f***ed up', with several people wondering how it ever aired.

Named 'Julie', it was actually released two years before the official conception of THINK!, but ultimately contributed to a 23 percent increase in seat belt use over the next year.

Described on the site as 'one of the most iconic and shocking road safety adverts to date', it is particularly memorable.

'Julie' traumatised viewers.
THINK! - Road Safety

The advert begins with a family getting into the car, with the mother presumably taking her kids on the school run.

The narrator begins to say: "Like most people, Julie knew her killer."

She drives past a van who pulls out behind her, but then turns away onto a different road.

After taking her eyes off the road to look at her rear-view mirror, she suddenly crashes into a car in front of her.

The narrator then states: "It was her son, he wasn't wearing his seatbelt."

Showing the impact of the crash, her son, sat behind her, jerks forward and slams her into the steering wheel, killing Julie.

"After crushing her to death, he sat back down. Think," the narrator concluded, with the boy's sister screaming in horror.

Very graphic, gruelling stuff, but based on the stats, it seemed to have worked.

The ad pulls no punches.
THINK! - Road Safety

Users in the comments reminisced on how impactful and shocking the advert was and still is, even today.

One user commented: "To this day I still remember this advert, don’t even need to play it! After he killed his mother he just sat back down…."

Another said: "Oh yeah it gave me nightmares for months"

A third put: "I remember that. Proper hard hitting, amazing how many people still don't bother with a seat belt."

Featured Image Credit: THINK! - Road Safety

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