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Survey reveals the UK city that has the best sex

Survey reveals the UK city that has the best sex

A Lovehoney survey has found the most sexually satisfied city in the UK.

We don't have to listen to exaggerations from so-called top shaggers anymore, as research has revealed which UK city is really having the best sex.

A survey scoured through metropolises across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to investigate the lovemaking acumen of locals and find out who is enjoying themselves between the sheets the most.

Participants in the poll conducted by Lovehoney had to take part in a 'Satisfaction League', where they would rank how 'fulfilled' they feel in the bedroom.

They were also asked to weigh up whether 'all their sexual desires had been met' during their romp sessions.

Inevitably, a study like this is going to produce some surprising results - as a lot of people talk the talk, but end up completely flopping when it comes down to business.

So, spare a thought for people in Sheffield, as the city came in at the bottom of the list as the most unsatisfied city when it comes to bonking in the UK.

Only 42 per cent of people said they were happy with their sex lives from the place that gave us the Arctic Monkeys. Poor Alex Turner, eh?

Sheffield came in last in the Lovehoney survey.
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The big smoke came in next, with only 43 per cent of participants from London saying they were pleased with the performance put on in the bedroom.

Manchester ranked in eighth place with 45 per cent of people being content with their love life, while 48 per cent of people in Edinburgh said they were having a top of the line experience with their sexual partner.

The survey found 50 per cent of Geordies were smug with their shagging, while 52 per cent of people in Cardiff were.

Nottingham made it into the top four with 59 per cent, followed by Birmingham at 61 per cent and Liverpool in second place with 62 per cent.

So, which city took home the crown and is apparently having the best sex?

Queue a load of people looking at moving to Scotland - because Glasgow residents are said to be the best at bonking.

Up to two-thirds of residents said they were 'totally fulfilled' by their partners, so put your hands together for their other halves.

People in Glasgow are apparently having the best sex.
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Lovehoney asked a whopping 1,500 people from all over the country and found that 53 per cent of participants were 'completely happy' with their sex lives.

But Glasgow managed to steam ahead in the poll, as 65 per cent of people said they are having a ball between the sheets.

Brenda Groves, 43, is one of them - and she said her husband Barry 'don't moan at each other all the time,' well, not outside of their bedroom antics anyway.

She said: "Me and Barry are probably the only couple I know who don’t moan at each other all the time. We make time for each other and I know from my part that I’m as happy as I can be, in life and in the bedroom."

A spokesman for sexual wellness brand Lovehoney said: "We asked 1,500 Brits to find the cities that are most - and least - satisfied with their sex lives.

"We found that people in Glasgow are most fulfilled, with 65% of people saying all their sexual desires are met."

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