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Thousands fuming after result of North vs. South divide was decided by maths

Thousands fuming after result of North vs. South divide was decided by maths

A travel company has 'settled' the debate using 'maths' but people are not happy. Like, at all.

Let’s face it, there’s enough going on in this country to be angry about right now. But that doesn’t get rid of the debates that will never disappear from the pub tables, uni freshers weeks and office kitchens.

No matter what, there is always going to be arguments about where the ‘north’ starts and the ‘south’ ends.

We won’t even get into where has the best chippies, or where has the friendlier people or…

Yeah, let’s just not even start with all that.

But it’s something that people just can’t agree on - some say the north is from Manchester upwards, while others say Nottingham and up and some (usually Londoners, let’s not lie) say it’s anywhere above the M25.

But now, it’s been ‘settled by maths’ and well, people are fuming.

London North Eastern Railway posted a map of the UK on Facebook and wrote: “We've settled it. Draw a line between the UK's furthest points north and south, do the same for east and west, then draw a dividing line where they cross. Et voila.”

Ok, brace yourself for the results of this because they’re pretty questionable.

The map has really got people raging.
Facebook/London North Eastern Railway

According to the company, Newcastle, York, Leeds and Hull can ‘stay in the north’.

But, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, Doncaster, Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool are apparently ‘out’.

This is because the (northern) cities apparently fall below the line of where north and south and then east and west cross.

Obviously, the comments are full of people kicking off about this as a user joked: “I love the fact nobody wants to be a southerner.”

Although, some users commented ‘agree’ and ‘nailed it’, and one put: “Anything north of the Watford gap is north!”

But others put: “Liverpool isn’t the south. You can b**ger off with that idea matey.”

Another wrote: “Woah woah f**king WOAH. Sheffield is definitely the North!”

Where do you think the north starts?
NORRIE3699/Getty Images

Many agreed: “Manchester will never be south!”

And one also said: “I can handle being classed as Midlands but don't you dare class us as southerners!”

Sure that ‘maths’ might work for the UK, but isn’t the debate more about the north and south of England?

And users pointed this out, writing: “Those places are still in the north of England, though. Which is what is actually meant.”

Referencing the recent football controversy, one user joked in the comments: “Were you on VAR at the weekend?”

Whatever your idea of the north and south is, it’s fair to say this one is pretty controversial.

Featured Image Credit: LNER / HENRY NICHOLLS/AFP via Getty Images

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