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UK's first Wetherspoons holiday costing almost £2,000 has been launched

UK's first Wetherspoons holiday costing almost £2,000 has been launched

A Wetherspoons staycation? Absolute bliss

Brits love a trip to Wetherspoons. No matter your background, income, or standing in life, the pubs are a real melting pot of everything associated with British drinking culture.

And now the gods have answered our call, with a first of its kind Wetherspoons holiday taking us right across England.

Founded by 'Spoons boss Tim Martin back in 1979, the company has gone from strength to strength as it focuses on keeping food and drink affordable for millions of Brits.

There's now more than 800 Spoons across the country, with many of them in stunning buildings - and all of them with rather unique carpets.

Travel company MyUKTour has now organised the first of its kind Wetherspoons holiday - called JD Wetherspoon: The Grand Tour - which we're sure will be a surefire hit with some.

A spokesperson from MyUkTour said: “All of us at MyUKTour are so excited to start offering this bespoke trip to one of Britain’s best known, and arguably finest, cultural institutions.

"Combining hearty pub grub and craft ales with historical monuments and stunning landscapes, this tour is sure to showcase the very best that Britain has to offer."

How does the Wetherspoons holiday work?

With two week-long holidays to choose from, you can either spend your time touring the north or south of England.

Wetherspoons will be on the menu for each tour alongside more classic tourism activities like visiting some of the country's most established heritage sites.

Can anyone say they honestly don't like 'Spoons? (Robert Alexander/Getty Images)
Can anyone say they honestly don't like 'Spoons? (Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

"Wetherspoons is a British institution and MyUKTours get requests from tourists around the globe to experience 'real Britain'," the travel company said.

"What better way to experience Britain than via the pub. When we researched British pubs we found Wetherspoons pubs have a rich history. Wetherspoons is also incredible popular with visitors across the world thanks to our own residents' love of the brand."

What's on the north of England Wetherspoons tour?

Lasting for six days and five nights, it'll be a private guided tour across the north with travel provided in a luxury Bentley car.

The trip will take you across Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, North Yorkshire, and Tyne and Wear calling at Keswick, Blackpool, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Harrogate, and Sunderland.

Wetherspoons pubs you will visit along the way include Blackpool's Velvet Coaster, which was recently called the country's 'nicest Wetherspoons'.

Newcastle's Sir William de Wessyngton will also be on the cards, dubbed the cheapest 'Spoons in the north.

Spend your week off touring some of the best Wetherspoons in the UK (Getty Stock Images)
Spend your week off touring some of the best Wetherspoons in the UK (Getty Stock Images)

What's on the south of England Wetherspoons tour?

The Wetherspoons south of England tour will last for seven days and six nights, with the same luxury travel provided.

Starting and ending in London, it'll take you in to Cambridgeshire, Kent, Devon, and Cornwall calling at Cambridge, Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells, Exeter and Penzance.

Eight 'Spoons pubs will be visited on the way to heritage sites that includes Pendennis Castle, an imposing fortress constructed between 1540 and 1545 by Henry VIII as a deterrent against invaders.

Cheers to this (Getty Stock Images)
Cheers to this (Getty Stock Images)

How much does the Wetherspoons tour cost?

"As an example of a custom tour, prices will vary depending on the number of attendees, whether it's a group or private tour, the standard and availability of hotel - alongside the popularity of the tour," the travel company explained.

A rough estimate for the tour comes in at £1,800 which includes the luxury Bentley transport.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images/Robert Alexander/Getty Images

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